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As I said interpretation.


Perhaps there are some here who have access to the full set of uniform regulations????


To me, it makes little difference whether the beads are worn with neckerchiefs other than the Wood Badge Neckerchief. In fact, personally, I see nothing wrong with it. And I wouldn't say anything to someone I see wearing the beads with other neckerchiefs.


But, I still interpret the current BSA Uniform Guide as the beads are worn with the WB Neckerchief and that is the only neckerchief I will wear them with - unless like I said someone has access to the whole set of uniform regulations.


As I said, interpretation, but I could be mistaken.



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I generally wear the beads whenever I wear the uniform shirt, and only wear the full regalia of Wood Badge neckerchief, beads and woggle for special occasions, such as a Court of Honor, Wood Badge functions, or to my son's Arrow of Light ceremony last weekend (had to get that proud dad thing in there.) I was always taught to follow this protocol, and it was the system followed by all the staff of my course, since most were in my council and I saw them frequently. In my current council, many scouters wear the beads and woggle with troop neckerchiefs, and many still have their patrol emblem on their right sleeves. Mine came off after the course, and I only expect to use it again if my son joins a buffalo patrol in boy scouts.


If you look at the scouters in your units, how many of them (us) are wearing the uniform incorrectly? I say this because I wear a wood badge lapel pin on the collar of my shirt. Mind you, it's a small one, but it's still not kosher on the uniform. On the other hand, a little customization couldn't hurt....

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Considering that the picture of the Chief Scout Executive used in the current Boy Scout Handbook

- has Mr Williams wearing the beads

- with an open collar shirt

- and no neckerchief


I am not going to pole vault over mouse turds.

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