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After reading over this thread, let me add something. While I have been a troop guide/ticket counselor, I don't claim to be an expert on WB tickets.


* some people say that currently you create 5 tickets. This is incorrect. its ONE ticket, composed of 5 goals. Even with the old WB (which I did) our ticket was composed of multiple goals/activities.


* there is no need for ticket secrecy. the ticket is a contract/agreement between the participant and their troop guide/ticket counselor. No one else is involved in it. Now, I DO like the idea of having sample tickets to show participants. I know that when I have been faced with similiar things (come up with goals, etc), I really like to see examples of what is expected, so I know how to come up with something that works/is meaningful for me. I recall someone on another list saying that on their course they had WB ticket samples for cub scouters, boy scouter, and venturing leaders. I really wanted to see those, as I fealt it could help others.


* as the ticket is between the participant & TG/TC, most TGs will allow for changes in ticket items IF there are reasons. (I did) If a participant changes position, the items might need to be changed. Personally I prefer they they remain in the same 'spirit' as the original. Say, if one item was for training, the new version should still be about training, but be relavent for the new position, etc.


* also, in my area if one says they are doing something 'for their woodbadge ticket', that can really open doors to get things done. people understand the importance of the ticket, and so won't throw needless barriers to getting things done.


* as noted, ticket items should be relavent for that participant. Some things I like to see are, or think should be avoided:


** training. training is always good, and getting the participant to seek out additional training is great.


** diversity is now a big theme in WB. On our course, one ticket item was expected to be tied to diversity.


** avoid having all your ticket items be tied in with the same thing. You don't want to create a 'house of cards' in which all the items are tied in with, say, establishing a new unit. If something happens to prevent this, then all the items can't be done. Bad idea.


* while I don't see a problem with soon to be participants getting info on what a ticket is, etc, I recommend against coming into the course with an almost pre-written ticket. Each council may be a little different about how they handle things. Nothing wrong with going in with some ideas, but allow yourself the change to experience WB and taking with your TG/TC before putting together your final ticket.


hope this is of use.

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Many good points here.


I think the whole "secrecy" of Woodbadge and the ticket is to allow for your own personal experience, not what you heard about your friends experience. The "secrecey" also allows for "guided discovery". You'll learn many things about scouting, in the newer type WB, you'll also learn about it's other programs and review some basic skills. I'm glad I had no prior kowledge and I actually appreciate to this day the "secrecy" of the whole thing. It adds a little mystery to it.



They can't hurt you. They won't beat you up. You'll actually feel like a kid again in many ways. You'll have fun and eat very well. Enjoy!!!!!!!!


I used to be an Eagle, a good ol' Eagle too.......





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So I''m resurrecting this thread one last time as a means of reporting my progress.


I haven''t been reading or posting to this forum much lately, as I''ve been spending my lunch hours working on ticket items instead.


Now, looking back over the last year, I think the most important thing Wood Badge has done for me is captured by this quote from Lisabob: "It also offers you an opportunity to develop your vision for the unit and come up with a comprehensive strategy for achieving that vision." In a nutshell, it made me focus, and it made me set goals, which I think made me more productive than I would have been otherwise.


So I''ve been working on TLT training materials, aids to assist the PLC in annual program planning, and encouraging more emphasis on scheduling and carrying out activities which provide advancement opportunities for the newer Scouts. I think the troop has benefited from my efforts, but there''s still a lot of work to do.


I repeat my thanks to SueM, NeilLup, and Lisabob, as well as OldGreyEagle, Eagledad, and the rest, for your earlier encouragement, interest and advice.


Oh, and I and the rest of my Bear patrol will be getting beaded on Oct. 13.


Thanks again.

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