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I am doing my beading at a modified Troop Meeting.

Since my Troop was the center of my ticket. I want them to share in the experience.

I am the Scoutmaster of the Troop.





Nibbling on my share of the Beaver log.

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Congratulations!! I've been patiently waiting for my Beaver beads since October! (it's a long story!) Anyway...your "nibbling on my share of the Beaver log" comment reminds me of something that we (the Beaver patrol) did at our WB course...we did the 2 weekend thing and we were the service patrol for the interim time, so we got to take the service patrol logs home. One of my patrol mates had the idea of when we came back on the second weekend, that we would make a duplicate of the service patrol emblems..only we'd use a piece of regular thread and 2 pieces of toothpicks or skewers. So I was the patrol leader during the interim and on the first morning back at the flag ceremony..when we switched things...I walked up to the SPL and carefully handed him our miniature version and very seriously said to him "..You know Sr....If you leave beavers alone with logs for 2 weeks...you have to expect that we're going to get hungry!!" and handed it to him...he almost doubled over in laughter!



I used to be...and

still am a good ole' Beaver! ;)


Sue M




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Having the ceremony in front of the boys was really the only choice.

When I started my Ticket I sat the Scouts down and explained to them what I was doing and why.

My entire ticket revolved around the Troop, so I thought it was appropriate to do the ceremony with the people that really earned it for me. These beads are as much for them as they are for me..in fact they are more for them, that is why we do this...right?



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