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What was your Wood Badge Course like?

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My WB course was years ago, and far far away, being one of those infamous week long courses with more outdoor skills then the current courses being taught....the Troop was large, lots of patrols including Wolf, Raven, and Catamount....I'm a Raven who cozies up with Eagles....


But times have changed, and so too Wood Badge, and maybe for the better . None the less,it looks like everyone is having fun working thier tickets no matter the changes....

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One question I remember had to do with naming 4 of the beltloops. The "new" beltloops were not included in the list of acceptable answers. CD therefore denied their existence. (astronomy, geography, several others - I'd have to look up which other ones are newer but I think there were 6 or 8 og them.)


There were a couple of other questions too, I just remember this one in particular because we had some fun awarding the "phantom beltloops" to the WB staff the following weekend.



A good old bobwhite too!

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