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Im currently a member of the District Committee, and havent really received any training as an adult. There is also a possibility I will become a scoutmaster in a local troop soon, but that isnt finalized.


Im curious as to what training courses I should attend, both ASAP and in the future. Ive started to list a couple of things, and am looking for input, and also trying to find out what Ive got to do to put that pretty trained strip on my uniform.


OhIve already re-done my Youth Protection Training online.


I have an opportunity to go to the Basic Troop Committee Training this weekend would this really be useful?


I would like to do the Scoutmaster Fundamentals course soon.


At some point in the next few years, Id like to do Wood badge.






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Here's my list of recommended training, considering you are on the District Committee:


Fast Start for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturing.


Youth Protection ... CHECK! :)


New Leader Essentials Common Core.


New Leader Essentials Position Specific Training for:


Den Leader


Pack Committee Member



Outdoor Leader (or whatever we call it this month)

Troop Committee Challenge


Venturing Adult


You are on the District Committee. You need a working knowledge of all three programs and the positions within those programs.


Depending on your position, there is additional training, both in and out of Scouting, I would hope you have. For instance, if you are the Membership or the Advancement Chairman, I'd HOPE you have a working knowledge of the various software packages such as Packmaster and Troopmaster. You are a go-to person now!


I know this means drinking from the fire hose, but with your registered position ... welcome to service :)

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I do have the syllabus for District Committee Training and when I find it I will post the #.

Most often the Council Chair of whatever District position you hold will present the session that deals with that area. Council Advancement Chairman will Train District Advancement Committee and so on.

ScoutingEMT, I'm sure you are keen and willing volunteer, but before you get in over your head, I think that you might want to take the time to take a long hard look at where you are going.

My term of serving as a District Committee member is about to end. I have served my three years as District Chairman,if you were on our District Committee and took on being a Scoutmaster I would ask you to step down from the District Committee. Serving as an SM is way far more important than serving on the District Committee and I think that Unit Leaders need to concentrate on leading the unit.

One of the main things that a District Committee does is support the units in the District, if the committee is made up of unit leaders, it can't support them.In fact it is hurting the units.

Very often a willing and keen volunteer like yourself will jump right in and before long is doing way too much. Sadly the next thing that happens is burn out.

This harms everyone and the more hats you are wearing the more harm it causes.

You really might want to sit down and think about what you see yourself doing in five years, where will you do the most good?

If there is a Mrs.ScoutingEMT it is very wise to talk things over with her and find out what her feelings are.

For a very long time I was guilty of thinking that Scouting came first and I had to be at every event and every meeting, it wasn't until Her That Must Be Obeyed became ill that I seen what I was doing was not in keeping with the Scout Oath and Law and if I wasn't keeping them at home with my family I was in fact a fraud.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for Scouting is not to take too much on and learn to say no.





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A member of the district committee is considered trained and may wear the "Trained" patch after completing the District Committee Training Workshop #34160C. Get the "Highlights" booklet for your position.


If you want to know more, New Leader Essentials would be helpful, but it is primarily targeted to unit leaders working with youth, and unit committee members.

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"There is a district committee training. In our council it is offered once a year just after all the elections are held. It is combined with a council wide coordinated meeting usably held all day Saturday."


Ditto down here. Did that some time last year.


Also, most people on a district committee have a certain area of responsibility: activities, training, etc. so taking all the position-specific training isn't really necessary for someone on the district committee. As someone mentioned, get the "Highlights" booklet for your specific position (if it exists, doesn't for my position), and if it exists the large committee book for your position.



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There are Highlights booklets available for District Chairmen, District Commissioners, Unit Commissioners, the Activities and Civic Service Committee, Advancement Committee, Camp Promotion and Outdoor Committee, Finance Committee, Membership Committee, and Training Committee. Then there are the full-blown guidebooks from which the Highlights booklets are lifted.

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