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I am teaching a class this month at our University of Scouting, and

> would like some input from all of the dedicated trainers out there.

> The subject is WEBELOS to Scouts Transition. I have the video supplied

> by National, and three very good Powerpoint Presentations, each based

> on time constraints. But what I would like to know is what you would

> like to have presented, what you think would be the information that

> you would like to recieve.

> I plan to present the video at this time, and have several handouts

> that I plan to go over. I have prepared listings of the Troops,

> Scoutmasters, and the sponsoring orginization, broken down by

> District, to give to the WEBELOS Den Leaders. I also have some

> questionaires for the WDL's to give to the boys, that prompt them and

> their parents to think of questions to ask of themselves, when looking

> at Troops to join. Handouts as to whom is responsible for what to take

> place for a successful transition to occur. Checklists that the WDL's

> can fill out and turn into the districts, so that we can arrange for

> the Troop sand Packs to talk to one another.

> Is there anything that I have obviously over looked? Any thing that

> you think that I should include to help this important event in the

> WEBELOS transition occur.


> Please reply either here or off line at rdewitt10@comcast.net

> Thanke,

> Robert L. DeWitt

> ASM Troop 12

> Chickasaw District


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This is a good list, I think they'll get a lot out of it.


What I was missing when I was a WDL was an understanding of what a boy-led troop looked like. We visited two troops, one was boy-led to the extreme (i.e. no discipline, mostly fun & games) and the other was adult-led. I find that many WDLs and Webelos Parents fall into the trap of the adult-led program. That's because they look so organized and well-run. It's like Cub Scouts with bigger kids. Often these are Merit Badge mills as well, which looks great in a parent's eyes. They think "in this troop, little Johnny can earn Eagle before he's 14, and then move on...".


Not sure how to address the latter, but something worth considering.

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Wish I'd had your webelos to scout transition class when I was a webelos leader!


One thing I've seen in my area is that a lot of packs and troops don't think very creatively about opportunities to get the webelos and boy scouts together and interacting on any kind of regular basis. There are some troops that seem to have a once-a-year (whether you need it or not) kind of mentality toward the idea that they should invite webelos to their events. And there are WDLs who seem to think going to the annual troop open house is all they should do too. Neither side really gets to know each other that way. So getting a list of creative ideas for more regular interactions together might be helpful - things that could be initiated by WDLS, SMs, or both, depending on your expected audience.



A good old bobwhite too!

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EagleinKY, it is interesting what you said about the appearance of an adult-led troop and parents who think their boy can be done before he's 14, etc.. No doubt there are plenty of these folks out there.


I probably misunderstood the "boy-led" idea too prior to my son crossing over, despite my best efforts to learn a lot about all of the BSA programs - seeing is not the same as experiencing. But I know a lot of parents who wanted their boy to join "the organized troop" (ie, the adult-led) in town not so much to pursue a quick-n-dirty path to Eagle, but rather because they wanted to make sure the considerable time their boy would spend in Boy Scouting would be "worthwhile." That's still a problematic understanding of how "boy led" and "worthwhile" actually fit together, but at least parents' gravitation toward an adult-led group sprung from more laudable motives than those that you describe.



A good old bobwhite too!

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lisabob - You are most likely correct. I would guess that most parents gravitate to the adult-led program because they see it as more organized. I only mentioned the other because I have heard a couple of parents say that in the past couple of years.

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Of course, well organized and boy led aren't mutualy exclusive, either. I've attended three trooop meetings in the last month, as Unit Commissioner for two, and with my Webelos II son for the other. Both meetings were boy led, though one even more than the other, yet there is no question that there is significant adult involvement, especially behind the scenes. A good troop committee and other adults are working during meetings as well (and in between meetings too), yet it is the decision making and cooperative work by the boys which the adults are there to support, not supplant.


A really good boy led troop with supportive adults is a wonder to see.

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We just had Pow-Wow today.


We had a really cool tandem presentation: W-S transition from the adult POV, and "What is a Boy Scout?" presented by two young men from our local OA lodge.


We need to remember those 16-18 year old Life and Eagle Scouts, as well as the Venturers who have "been there and done it." They may have more to say (and to listen to) than us geezers who pushing 40 years away from our Tenderfoot patches.



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