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I was presented my wood badge beads tonight at the district roundtable. It feels great to finally be able to wear these symbols of scouting I have been working on earning. It doesn't seem like it's been over a year since I attended the course. Time sure seems to fly by. When I reflect on the course and what I've gained from it, I'm still awed by the dedication, preparation, and enthusiasm of the staff of W4-10-04. They are awesome!


I used to be an Eagle,


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I know what you mean SWScouter. I will be recieving my beads tomorrow afternoon at our Lodge's Fall Reunion. Having been in Scouting since 1962 as a Cub Scout I feel that I've reached a pinnacle. I just wish I could have gone earlier to also experience the "old" course. Still proud of what I've accomplished so far and anxious to continue putting the things learned to good use to give the guys the same, or better, experience that I've had. Proud to finally be a part of this Scouting family


I used to be a Beaver...

C-11-04(This message has been edited by hunting wolf)

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SWScouter - Congratulations on completing yout ticket. I am in the midst of mine with two down, three to go.


Hunting Wolf - My course appears on have been about 1 year after your C-11-05. And

I used to be an Eagle. Hmm, strange things to ponder late in the evening :>(This message has been edited by NIscouter)

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Congratuations! But don't stop at Wood Badge!

I've found that in Scouting, like life, there are no "pinnacles", just high plateaus from which one surveys fresh terrain and spots a new peak to climb, a new challenge.

(hmmm... that sounds like a SM minute...!)

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