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"Fewer and fewer Scouts are really "Scouty".

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Yes, the urban councils tended to grab onto it early. I worked for the South Florida Council (Miami) 1970-1973 and they were cranking up before the manuals changed.


Oddly enough, they also pioneered the Forward with Green Bar Bill (that's not the exact name, I just don't remember) program during that same time period. It pretty much fizzled out because it was more or less at odds with their other empasis.

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Kahuna... was that the tall rectangular patch with a shield/crest design and the motto 'Forward' under it? We had the patches in our unit (used them for our Leadership Corps patch), but I never knew much about the real purpose!

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That was it. The details are a bit fuzzy in my mind, but it was a fundamentals program. Maybe called "Forward With Fundamentals." Had a shield on it. The idea was to train JL's in the basics and get that going in troops.

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The goals (aims) of Scouting ARE NOT to learn how to pitch a tent, cook over an open fire, learn first aid, learn orienteering, etc. They are:


1) Character Development

2) Citizenship Training

3) Mental and Physical Fitness


The methods to meet these aims include the outdoors. But if computers, "urban" skills, etc. can lead to the same goals I'm all for them. The Scouting program has eight methods to use to obtain the aims but heck, if I find a ninth that works I'll use it!(This message has been edited by acco40)

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I am with you all the way.

However the statement that "Fewer and fewer Scouts are really Scouty" was made.

A lot would depend on how you see the meaning of the word Scouty or maybe even really?

Along with the methods we also have the Vision and Mission statements. Here we talk about Fun and adventure. I think that if we are going to provide this Fun and Adventure along with Instilling in young people lifetime values and develop in them ethical character as expressed in the Scout Oath and Law;

Training young people in citizenship, service, and leadership;

Serve Americas communities and families with its quality, values-based program.

We need leaders who can do the job.

Many of the methods depend on skills that Scouting has been using for almost 100 years.

If there is a decline in Scouts knowing these skills, is it the fault of the Scout or his leaders?


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IF the Scouts are less "Scouty" than I would point to the Scoutmaster being less "Mastery"....

One of you wise men once said that being a Scoutmaster is being a master of Scouting, not a master of Scouts....

So if the Scouters can not point out the big dipper...guess what...neither will the Scouts.

If the Scouters can not tie a bowline... neither will the Scouts.


Ladies and Gentlemen... its all about Programs!...

If you build it they will come.


And E.. the good news is that there is plenty of opportunity to be Scouty.. just like when we were Scouts.

My Troop knows how to tie knots..doe Pioneering projects, pitch a tent, build a fire, cook amazing meals, pack a backpack, paddle a canoe, make s'mores, sing songs and do silly skits..

Hmmmmm..... no computers in the woods... just a backpack and a hiking stick.

The point here is that if the Scouts are not Scouty... it's because Scouters have forgotten to provide a Scouty program.

The good news is that there are still a bunch of units out here that do. Rest easy my friend... Scouts are alive and well.



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With the deluge of modern culture, I imagine that most youth are struggling with all of their might to remain in any program that teaches values. I applaud their efforts for overcoming formidable obstacles to reach lofty goals.


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Well, I may be a few years removed from Scouts, but I will give my thoughts of what "Scouty" is:


"Scouty" is going on your first camping trip coming in scared to death and coming out ready for anything.


"Scouty" is going on a hike and talking afterward not about your feet hurting at the end, but what you saw and experienced along the way.


"Scouty" is Swimming The Mile and even though you are the last one out, your troopmates are there to cheer you on and congratulate you when you finish.


"Scouty" is seeing an emergency and instead of panicking, you are calm, know what to do, and do it.


"Scouty" is learning that leadership is not about bossing people in a lesser position than you, but rather guiding them so they can soar above you in the future.


"Scouty" is not only knowing the Scout Oath and Law, but also living by them.


"Scouty" is knowing you belong to one of the largest brotherhoods in the world.


I may be 10 years removed from Scouting, but that is what I remember and have carried with me the entire time.(This message has been edited by russdwright)

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Thanks, ACCO 440


I was reading the previous pages of this post, and not taking it too well. What concerned me was being worried about what year certain things were taken out of the handbook, and focusing less on the values scouting is supposed to teach.


Whether scouts are as scouty or not is a matter of conjecture. I would offer that if we use the patrol method properly, scouts will have to become scouty. Sometimes a good adult leader needs to know that to help a group move forward, they either have to act, or perhaps completely remove themselves from the action.


In addition, scouts may gravitate toward different activites now than in the past (all of which can still teach the central values of the program, but still have fun. One of the central idea of scouting is for it to be fun. To paraphrase Baden-Powell if you're in scouting and it's not fun -- you're not doing it right!

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