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I recieved my beads tonight at the council scouter appreciation dinner. Two other members of my patrol recieved additional recognition, one got her silver beaver and the other received the district award of merit. I guess Eagle really do soar above the rest. ;)



Eagle patrol


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While Eagle being above the rest is questionable?

Having attended the course and worked on the goals that will help you reach your vision and mission, you have helped Scouting and the BSA reach its vision and mission. This is without question a very good thing and you are to be congratulated.

Wood Badge is not an end and we all need to take the time to reflect where we have been and look at where we are going.

It is important that we also time the time to celebrate our success's and enjoy reaching mile posts. I hope you got to do that at the dinner.

Congratulations and well done.


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A big Bob White call to you Andrew


bobwhite! bobwhite!


hmmmm Somehow a Bob White call doesn't have near the majesty on the internet as it has in the wild. Oh well, Congratulations on working your ticket!!


Best wishes,

Bob White




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I recieved mine a couple of weeks ago. I was told I was the first in my class but one of the other in my patrol got his at the same ceremony and was a couple of weeks behind me. We received ours at the WB breakfast and the others were from prior classes.






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I'm right now in the process of putting stamps on invitations to my beading, which will be a triple beading at my Troop's Semi-Annual Court of Honor.


Two Bears and an Owl will be beaded.


It does us predators good to know that the prey Patrols are thriving. That means good times ahead.


- Oren

"I used to be a Bear . . . ."




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Thanks to all. After a day of reflection I have come to the conclusion that even though the beading is done the work will go on for the rest of my scouting career. After reaching the peak of the mountain another mountain comes in to view and the urge to climb it is stronger that the urge that compeled you to climb the first.

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