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I'm not an expert on this but we just had NE-IV-153.

NE is Northeast Region

IV is Area four

153 is the course number.

I was fortunate enough to serve on the second to last week long Cub Scout Wood Badge'


Northeast Region

Cub Scout course 58.

Wood Badge Courses are managed by the Area Committee, which is part of the Region.

I am in Area 4 which is made up of 13 Scout Councils.

Cub Scout courses were always managed by the Region. At least that's how it's done here in the Northeast Region.


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I was talking with the Professional Advisor for Wood Badge in my council and he told me that the numbers are based on when the request for a course was put in. I served on C-07-02 and C-03-04. C-07-02 was the Central Region, seventh course registered in 2002. C-03-04 was the Central Region, fourth course registered in 2004. When I went to Cubscout Wood Badge which was C-CS-1. The regions were just realigned in 1993. The course was Central Region, Cub Scout, 1st course. As Eamonn said the Central Region handled all Cub Scout Courses. When I went to Boy Scout Wood Badge the course was C-15L-95, Central Region, 15th course, L is for Long or Weeklong in 1995. My old region was EC or East Central.


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Fellow Michigander DancinFox is correct for the Central region. The other regions do them differenntly.


Take a look at the course offerings for 2005.

Central Region

C-02-05 (MN)

C-03-05 (SD)

C-07-05 (WI)

C-10-05 (IA)

It is "C" central region; "XX" registration number, "YY" year of course.


Southern Region

SR-654 (TX)

SR-655 (TN)

"SR" Southern Region, "XXX" number of course(??)


Western Region

WM-62-04 (CO) - held 2004, Western Region Metro Area, 62nd course

WE1-106-05 (ID) - to be held 2005, Western Region, Area 1, 106 course


Northeast Region

NE-I-227 (MA) Northeast Region, Area I 227th course

NE-II-143 (CT) Northeast Region, Area II, 143rd course


So, all regions "number" their courses differently to keep us on our toes. And of course the one that makes the most sense comes from the best region - the Central Region. Go Bears!


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I hate to bring confusion to the above clarity, especially after so much time has elapsed. But, at least in Western Region Three, the numbering scheme is "WE3" for, you guessed it, Western Region Three, followed by the sponsoring council's number, then the two digit year designation.


My home council, Redwood Empire, is Council #41. Thus, I was a Bear in WE3-41-03 and will be the QM for WE3-41-05. I don't know how the other regions/sub-regions do it.


- Oren

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