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I assuming you are asking about what is the woodbadge course, not what is the "wood badge" (i.e. the beads).


I noticed that no one has responded to this. It could be because a lot of woodbadgers like to keep a cloak of mystery around it, or it could be that they think it's too simple a question. So, here's a simple, non-mysterious answer.


Woodbadge is the most advanced training offered by the BSA for its adult leaders. It's traditions date back to Baden Powell. While many will debate the format and value of the course (as you can see on this forum), it still remains one of the great leadership traditions in the BSA.


For more info, check the website. www.woodbadge.org

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The wise and learned Gentleman from Kentucky has covered all the high points.

When you see a Leader wearing that necklace with a couple of wooden beads, it is a sign that the person who is wearing it really does want to do his or her best serving as a leader. He or she has invested a lot of time and a fair amount of money to try and do the best job possible.

There are of course a lot of outstanding leaders who for one reason or an other haven't got around to taking the course. Some great leaders never find the time.

Of course I feel sure when the time comes you will be want to be Wood Badge trained, who knows with any luck you might be a member of the Bear Patrol? Not everyone is that lucky.


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As stated, Wood Badge is an advanced training course for adult volunteers originally started by Lord Badden-Powell. Today's version places attendees in patrols and the whole course functions like a troop should function, with patrol leaders, ASPL, SPL, Troop Guides for each patrol, ASM, SM, Quartermaster, etc. It's intensive team and spirit building, and helps strengthen personal growth and commitment to the Scouting movement on all levels. GO! You'll love it!

Bobwhites, SR-73

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As one who has accomplished 2 of 5 tickets, what I have found so far about Wood Badge is that it showed me once again that there are some very dedicated people involved with Scouting and I am proud to be a junior member of their fraternity.


It has also sensitized me to what needs doing in my troop and opened my eyes to ways in which I can contribute. I figure so far I've done about 6 tickets since I completed training, but four of them I hadn't written up!


Bear patrol C-12-04, Eamonn - Energetic Eight Clawed!

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WB is a course staffed by Scouters that teach the skills that an adult needs to lead or support a unit effectively and efficiently in their Scouting job. The first part is learning through doing in an outdoor program and then later applying those skills in a person's Scouting job. As both parts are used correctly, one may demonstrate proficiency of the material. There is very little mystery about it.


I totally agree with Eamonn and many others about the Bear Patrol.


A Humble History as written by the Bear Patrol:

We believe that Baden Powell was a member because you can still see it in his initials and on the Scout Badge today. Daniel Beard may have been a member. You can see it in his last name. Green Bar Bill was most likely a member. You can see that he misspelled it in his handle, probably on purpose (*old spelling). William D. Boyce was probably a member. He was lost in a London fog when a Scout helped him find his way to B.P. We don't know the young man's name but it has long been rumored that Mr. Murray noticed the Scout was a member of the Bear Patrol. We believe he followed suit. Look into the night sky and you will see the constellation of the small Bear with the guiding star that points the way for all travelers to follow. Yes, it is a tradition that you should follow also.


A little Bear language lesson:

Baron- A Bear Patrol leader with an authoritative style.

Baronet- A method of catching fish, used in the Bear Patrol.

Barberry- a special recipe for Bear Patrol cobbler

Barracuda- Bear Patrol word for the phrase, yes we can!

Baritone- song whistled or hummed by the Bear Patrol.

Barley- Bear Patrol gets close to being second but not.

Bar- old spelling for Bear, see Green Bar Bill and Daniel Boone who kilt one.

Beer- very old spelling for Bear and not used in Scouting but Daniel Boone kilt one of those too.



a continuing member of the Sugar Bear Patrol


"The Bears are not out of the Wood Badge yet."



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As someone who just completed his ticket, I think of Woodbadge as the Advance Leader Training Course but I also think of it in terms of "The Scouter's Eagle Award." The Ticket really required me to do some work in terms of leading others to help me acomplish some of my goals. That included my Troop, the Parents of the Scouts, my Fiance, my church and most importantly myself. It really showed me that I can be a great leader but also a greater human being.


So hats off to C-16-04 - Fox Patrol!!! "Renard!!! (Fox in French)

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