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Who carries a pocket knife?

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I carry a pocketknife on a daily basis during the summer. However, my high school unfortunately also has a zero tolerance policy on knives so I've dropped the habit to avoid the possibility of an accident. I've tried (though rather futily) to relax the punishments for the offence, but it seems no one in government wants to hear from a teen (Let a student give input on policies affecting them? We can't have that happening!)


I've considered breaking the blade off my knife and carrying it for the other tools, but I believe it is still considered a weapon.


I consider myself a liberal on many issues, but weapon control has gone entirely wrong and it continues to amaze me that people fail to recognize the falicy of current policy. Everytime a problem arises, it is assumed to be caused by a lack of control and thus their solution is...more restrictions. And as the violence rate continues to rise we continue to move in the wrong direction.


More longwinded than I intended, but yes I do carry a knife whenever I can and I encourage the responsible use of weapons and tools. (If we have education on sex and driving why can't we educate kids on responsible handling of weapons?)

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I always have one, my wife carries her's in her purse. She even has one of the old camping models with the fork and spoon and a zillion other things that fits in a leather pouch. The old time scouts will remember the type. My sons and scouts carry one all the time safely. No problem. I'm amazed that the Michigan that I grew up in is so scared of the knives and not the personalities that yield one or some other dangerous tool.


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Gammon, the only time I ever fail to carry a pocketknife is during air travel (lately), in foreign countries (local police in Mexico tried to extort money out of me because of it once, accusing me of supplying arms to rebels, it was pretty bad) and when I know I am going into a secure area (court, military, government offices). I try to plan ahead rather than lose my favorite Kabar. Regarding the zero-tolerance rules often encountered at schools (zero thought, zero judgement) I sympathize with the students to a great extent. However, remembering what we did with pocketknives when I was in school, I think it best to leave them home and avoid some of those first-hand lessons. My children have them but not at school (high school). They are really not needed for a learning environment.

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I am 47, and I have carried a pocket knife in my purse ever since I was 16. I find it invaluable, and cannot imagine being without it. I will never forget the time my son and I were in Home Depot, and I was buying a length of rope - the poor fella that was attempting to cut the rope was using a pitifully dull knife. I reached into my purse, retrieved my *always sharp* knife, and sliced cleanly thru the rope. The guy was amazed - he said "man that's a sharp knife you got there". I smiled at him and said "What good is it if it's not sharp?" and then took my rope and left. My son never forgot that either. My son has two Swiss Army knives, but only carries them to Scout functions - never anywhere else. He loves to whittle though.

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