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We have antiquated patrol boxes and are looking to build new ones.


Most troops around us either use big plastic tubs, or the typical 2 shelf / 1 door/work area long box on legs.


I have pulled some interesting 2 door and taller patrol box designs. We're thinking of building one for the "adult" patrol to give the boys ideas - they may choose a different one, but we gotta get them motivated- anybody have any good designs to share?


What do your troops use? do you keep just cooking stuff in them? or hatchets and stuff, too? do your troops boxes have plates and silverware, or do the boys use their mess kits always? When you built your patrol boxes, what was the approx cost of each? (w/out dishes & equipment - we have that)


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The patrol boxes we use are just for cooking utensils. Each patrol has their own cooler and the troop keeps a large plastic box for dry goods: paper towels and other non perishable items. This plastic box is for use when the patrols forget or run out of such items.


We have a seperate qtr master box for the saws and other sharp items. This box is a converted military trunk. No plates or silverware, each scout is resposible for their own eating utensils. However, the adults keep some spares just in case and for guests.


Each box was make out of 1 sheet of plywood and has one shelf across the top and narrow shelves along the left side. The large bay will hold a duth oven, 2 iron skillets and a patrol cook set.


Larger boxes have been thought about but the weight limits which of the scouts can carry them and lift them up so the legs can be inserted. As adults we decided that the boys should have as much responsibilty as possible in setting up their own cook site.


Take a look a the patrol box picture in the

Campmor catalog. Looks prettty good.



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We just recently had to replace all of our boxes. We had used the two door box but it is not as rigid as the single door. We do it pretty much the same as Red Feather. Scouts bring their own personal gear and troop gear is kept in a seperate box.


Attached is a link to the plans that we used. A couple of things that we changed is that we used rope for the doors versus chain and we also used rope for the handle. We improved on the handles by running the rope through 1/2" PVC pipe with two 90 degree elbows on each end. Easier to grip and it doesn't pinch your fingers.



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