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I just completed my Wood Badge Training in September. I'm in Chicago Area Council. To me Wood Badge was the greatest!!! I truely enjoyed every minute and have fond memories of the two weekends with the Fox Patrol!! I think the greatest event for me was at our campfire on Friday night and the SPL portrayed Baden Powell. It brought tears to my eyes and really made me realize what I was in Scouting for and the calling that Scouting has for me.

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I just finished the last week end of Wood Badge. I was the Course Director for the Fall Course in the Western Los Angeles County Council. We had a great course from the feed back I received everyone seemed to enjoy it.


We tried a few things different on this course. In LA we have many Spanish (as first language) Speaking Scouters. We have had several come to Wood Badge each year, this year we had 26 and many understand English fairly well but are often timid about speaking. I formed three Spanish Speaking patrols, they received their patrol presentations in Spanish and they were able to conduct patrol business in the language in which they are most comfortable. All of the troop level meetings and activities were in English, although for two Gilwell Assemblies the troop decided to sing "Back to Gilwell" in Spanish to show support for the Spanish Patrols. It really worked out well.


Being Course Director was bitter-sweet. I enjoyed the experience I learned a lot being "CD" I learned a lot about myself good and bad. I think I came out of the experience a better person. Now after having been on staff 6 times, I was retired. After you are "CD" you are no longer eligible to be on staff. I am going to miss it.


John Snediker

Course Director



I used to be a Fox...


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Congratulations on a job well done. Having seen what our course director went through, I can see why Wood Badge is a great course. Then again it's also because of your great patrol bloodline that you succeeded


"A good ole FOX, too"

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