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Wood Badge sounds like a heckuva good experience, and a great boon to any Scouts who would derive benefit from having a better-trained leader. That being said, is there room in the program for a decidedly large fellow with knee problems and asthma? Is there a great deal of extended hiking/climbing/exertion? Or should I leave the training to the young whippersnappers?


Zippy the ASM

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I would hope that every course would do whatever it takes to accommodate people who have difficulties.

The Course is a Leadership Course. While spending a few nights in a tent is the norm. Even that can if the facilities allow be changed.

At the course we hosted last year we made sure that everyone with "Bad knees" Were in a site that was close to the action and the bathrooms.

We transported those with "Really Bad Knees," To where they needed to be.

It is however a very good idea to talk to the Course Director and let him know what help that you are going to need.

Back in the day... There used to be a 30 day meeting before the course and it gave everyone a chance to discuss this sort of thing. I wish that when the tweak the course that the 30 day meeting comes back.

I was talking with a Course Director who said that everything was set up for the Course and this Scouter arrived who was legally blind. He hadn't informed anyone. They found a way of making the Course work for him. But life would have been a lot easier if they had been warned.

Please don't tell anyone but the part of your anatomy that gets the most use (Not counting your brain) Is not your knees.

You might want to bring a cushion!!

Don't let them there whippersnappers have all the fun.

Do as Mr. Bob White says and sign up!!





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Take the course! In my Wood Badge Course there were two individuals of advanced age (one guy was over 70)and "bad knees" who fully participated in everything. Arrangements were made to help them get around from activity to activity, but other than that, they were right there with the rest of us.


They were also two of the first people to complete their tickets, while the rest of us whippersnappers are still working on them!

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Ditto to what everyone else said. As long as the staff knows, they can and will accomodate you. We had several older scouters, several large scouters, a man who was handicapped from a stroke and another who had lost a leg and got around on crutches. They had as good of an experience as everyone else. Your butt and your brain are the two muscles used the most at Woodbadge.

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Thanks for the quick responses! As I reconsider, my knees probably wouldn't qualify as "really" bad knees.


To Bob's point, I'm familiar with the camp, and can navigate most of the hills (just not very quickly!). Knowing that the course is As long as we don't have tight deadlines on the uphill climbs, I should be okay.


Also the course isn't until next April/May... "the waiting is the hardest part" (tom petty).




(Fuzzy, I'm a Mid-America guy, sorry if the colloquialisms made you think otherwise.)


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