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Why can't we all just get along

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Benny, you asked for it:


Hey kids, shake it loose together

The spotlight's hitting something

That's been known to change the weather

We'll kill the fatted calf tonight

So stick around

You're gonna hear electric music

Solid walls of sound


Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet

But they're so spaced out, Bennie and the Jets

Oh but they're weird and they're wonderful

Oh Bennie she's really keen

She's got electric boots a mohair suit

You know I read it in a magazine

Bennie and the Jets


Hey kids, plug into the faithless

Maybe they're blinded

But Bennie makes them ageless

We shall survive, let us take ourselves along

Where we fight our parents out in the streets

To find who's right and who's wrong

Bennie and the Jets


Now, if you really want to make the scouts heads explode, try reciting from memory around a campfire the lyrics to Blinded by the Light sung by Manfred Mann's Earth Band and written by the Boss,


I was feeling kinda older with a boulder on my shoulder when I tripped over the merrry-go-round...

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Impressive OGE. I thought I knew my music pretty well until that last one. I had to get into the refrain before I even recognized it. Let me guess, you were a lead singer in a band at one time?


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Benny, Thanks. I was close. Pretty good since I was a mere child in 1975, but that was my big brother's favorite song for a while.


I think Bob White adds a lot to this forum but needs to understand that not all situations fit in a mold.

I also think Yaworksi adds to this forum. He says things to push buttons but he isn't against rules, he just questions the logic behind them. Is that bad? I don' think so.



OGE, That's "B-b-b-beenie". Blind by the Light --now there is a song. Making me want to pull out the albums and the turntable.



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Two words to settle the Bob/yaworski dispute:




Bob White: in full proper uniform, with reams of current documentation as his primary defense.


Yaworski: wearing his BDU pants and uniform shirt (with the mismatched button holes, of course), with a sinister wit and umpire mask as his defense.





disclaimer: no disrespect intended to either party, but it was a long, tough, crappy day today........gotta unwind somehow!!!! ;-)


AND HEY - IT'S ONLY CLAY!!!(This message has been edited by lasteagle83)

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"Yaworski: wearing his BDU pants and uniform shirt (with the mismatched button holes, of course), with a sinister wit and umpire mask as his defense."


Sorry, I don't wear BDU trousers. I wear either a pair of 1968 vintage sateen fatigue trousers or, in the winter, a pair of "M1951, trousers, winter, OD."

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"On the field they won 76 straight games over a spring and fall season due to the fundamentals they were taught and the amount of practice they had. They won the state championship that year."


Seven year olds shouldn't even be playing organized sports. They need to be running around a playground playing "Calvin Ball." The fact that you remember their record says that to you the winning was much more important than the playing. Except when your life is at stake, the playing should always be more important than the winning.



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Well you suceeded in proving Benny's point about sniping and getting off of the issues. Rather than discuss the issue, you skirt them and find something negative to say. As you well know, my point had to do with rules and how they define an activity. I figured a baseball analogy might strike a cord with you since you ump. Evidently your desire to ridicule is stronger than your desire to engage in meaningful dialogue.


Regardless of your opinion about when kids should play organized sports, any team at any age that manages to compile a record like that is a once in a lifetime achievement. What player or parent wouldn't remember it? The point of a game is two-fold, to enjoy what you do and to do your best in an attempt to win the game. We were in it for the fun and activity, the winning record was icing on the cake.


Do you disagree that what the kids at the other ballpark was playing was not baseball? They sure didn't play the game by any set standard of rules other than what they made up. Sure, they had fun, but they were playing something other than baseball. I've yet to see a MLB team take a soccer ball on the field and try to play baseball with it. Rules exist for a purpose and if you are going to be part of an organization that has rules that define it's program, you need to play by those rules to truly call yourself part of that organization. If you want to change it, work thru the proper channels from the inside, don't just make it the way you want and say it is the same thing. You may as well start a group called Yaworski Scouts and leave the BSA back in the stone age.

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Why can't we all get along?


Because diversity is the spice of life?


I dunno - but I like a good, intense, but friendly argument, anytime. ( with an emphasis on "friendly" - I can disagree with your opinion, hopefully without atacking YOU personally)


Like Yaworski, I like to poke and prod at rules that exist for silly reasons


"because we've ALWAYS done it that way" - them's fightn' words to me!


I always wanna know WHY - and if WHY no longer exists, or doesn't apply, then I may re-think the rules.


But Bob's rules are NOT "Bob's" rules - they are the BSA's rules and BSA rules are often hard to find, interpret and understand - or there wouldn't be a forum full of people asking all these questions - right?


He just happens to be very knowledgeable about them. If I had the opportunity - I'd take every training I could under Bob - even those I've already had - just for the wealth of knowledge and practical use of that knowledge that Bob has.


I have found help and insight from both of these guys - from the very arguing of an issue - they always seem to take opposite sides on - their dissagreement makes me think. Although I have to say that Yaworski seems to have a real thing about Bob White personally.


So lighten up everyone - if you REALLY want to convince someone of your position, or change BSA rules, you'll get there faster by persuasion than you will by attacking someone personally!


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"Do you disagree that what the kids at the other ballpark was playing was not baseball? They sure didn't play the game by any set standard of rules other than what they made up. "


It was 7 year old baseball according to the rules adopted by that association. MLB is bound by the OBR so they wouldn't take a soccer ball onto the field but the East Awfulgosh Baseball Association is not.


You see, I don't care what the rules are when I show up to officiate a game. If a league wants to say "left handed batters get six strikes," that is fine by me. All I want is that rules are written down, clearly defined, and they make sense as I don't officiate "Fizzbin."


I know that my son's basketball team has had a winning season for the past two years but I couldn't tell you what their records were. Fun is more important right now, there'll be plenty of time later for fretting, worrying and frustration later on in life.



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Maybe I missed something, but why is everyone saying Yaworski doesn't believe in or like rules?


Don't know the song or the group....

"Jokers to the left of me, clowns to the right, back in the middle again."


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Just like any other organization there are rules and regulations & their are guidelines. Rules & regs are to be followed. Not blindly, but followed. Guidelines are just that - guidelines. Sometimes the rules make no sense but we need to follow them. We can question them & try to get them changed.


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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