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Troop Committee Challenge game-help!

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You may want to check the syllabus once again, the instructions are in there. You do have the syllabus, right?

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Nope-that's why I hollered. I haven't done this part of the syllabus in a while and the person who did it last time is out of town. I have an extra puzzle and pieces. I remember that it didn't quite play like "snakes and ladders". I was just hoping for a quick reply.

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The puzzle pieces are numbered and the trainees are to label each one to the topic of the piece.

The answers from the syllabus:

1) The Scout

2) The patrol

3) Youth Leaders

4) The patrol leaders' council

5) Adult Leaders

6) Troop Committee

7) Chartered organization

8) Unit Commissioner

9) District Committee

10) Scouting District

11) Local Council

12) National Council


As they label them, have the trainees put the puzzle together, which makes the game board for the next section.

The trainees take the game piece for their position on the committee.

Place the pieces at the trailhead.

Choose a number between 1 and 10 and have the trainees guess. The closest goes first.

This person takes a card and reads it to the person on his left. If the player answers correctly, the player moves the number of spaces indicated on the card. If incorrect, the reader gives the correct answer and the player doesn't move. Move on clockwise.

A player stopping on a space with a arrow, must move up to the space indicated.

Players cannot stop on an already occupied space, but move to the next empty space.

A player landing on a "Take a break" space selects a "Take a Break" card, reads it aloud and moves as indicated.

Winning the Game

It is not necessary to reach the end with an exact number

The first player to reach the end wins the game.

If all the question cards are used without a player reaching the end,the

player closest to the end wins.

Then do a group discussion.

(This message has been edited by shemgren)(This message has been edited by shemgren)

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Part II

Pass out a copy of the Troop Committee Guidebook, chapter 4.


Give each participantthe Troop Committee Member Responsibilities card that matches the responsibility shown on his or her game piece.


Tell the participants that they will have 2 minutes to review their specific responsibilities. They will have 1 to 2 minutes to report on the two responsibilities they think the most important to their role.


Then outline a sample committee meeting adgenda.


That should see you through.


Scott(This message has been edited by shemgren)

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Thank you! Also to Dancing Fox who emailed me separately with a PDF file. I lurk more than I post, but I knew I could depend on Scouters! I copied the directions and have them in my planner for tomorrow. We have 28 participants and we are pumped! Thanks again for all the help.

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