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I think you will all get at least a mild kick out of this...


After a very sucessful Klondike that our Troop was responsible for, our SM was recruited to to a class at Univeristy of Scouting on boy - led Troops. We had turned the running of the Klondike over to a boy in our Troop who served as SPL for the event. He recruited a staff of youth, who developed their own stations. He recruited the kitchen staff and developed the menu. He recruited three boys who developed the list of prizes to be procurred. On a scale from 1 - 100, this event was about 85% boy led. It impressed the leaders of University of Scouting so much that our SM was asked to do this course in Boy - led Troops.


When the SM recruited two boys from our Troop to lead the class, he was told there was no way in hell (that's actually a quote!) that a boy was going to teach a class to adults. 90 percent of the value of the class was intended to be the shock value that adults would get when they encountered two impressive Scouts doing an interactive, engaging presentation without any apparent adult intervention. But it was not allowed.


Some things I just don't understand.



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Sounds like you've got a good list going. I was trying to remember some of the courses I've taken at our Commissioners and District Service College (Your University of Scouting) over the years. Here's what I've got in mind...


Training for RT Staff both Cub and BS and Venturing- How to run a good District RT(2-parter for us)


Issues and Concerns - Our SE will come and the group will discuss current issues in Scouting (both Council wide and nationally)


Individual courses for each of the District Positions and how to best serve that position (ie. Training, Advancement, Activities, Camping, etc).


High Adventure and how to introduce new boys to the idea and get tehm in the planning process. Also giving ideas locally as to wheat to doa nd where to go. Where to get training (ie. learn how to canoe, climb, etc)


How to find volunteers, how to approach and get the "yes" from people.


Understanding the inner relationship between Commissioner, Professional and unit.


Using Computer Software for your units. How to get hooked up witht he Council, if available.


Coordinated Charter Renewal


A practional course on "where do I go from here?" Discussions on common unit needs and where to go for solutions and resources.


Understanding the importance of training for the unit and the different opportunities they have in the council and district.


Getting beyond the "Quality Unit" standard. Find resources to measure unit success and help a unit move beyond the Min. of QU Award and enhance their success.


What is Venturing? How does it relate to other district and council programs? How to we provide unit service to them?


Special Needs and Scouting - Providing a good experience for Scouts with special needs, challenges and abilities.


Good Communication - it's not just emails and flyers!


Scouting and religion, belief in God or a Higher Power, religious awards, and diversity of beliefs. We say it is an essential part of Scouting, but what does that mean in practice?


Scouting and LDS - The structure and organization


Creating web pages and sites for units - the ins and outs.


Risk Managment - Hot topics and great answers about High Adventure exposure, Youth Protection, untrained or uneducated adult leaders, the use of tour permits, incident documentation, and proper registration of merit badge counselors.


Keeping the older Scouts - Tips to help your units to use the high adventure and leadership of the Venturing program to maintain enthusiasm in older scouts.


Conflict Resolution - What causes conflicts in units? How can it be avoided? Tips for Unit Commissioners as they facilitate the units' implementation of conflict resolution.


District Structure and Onganization-

A discussion on the organizational structure and operation of the District Committee, Commissioner teams, and Key 3. The roles, responsibilities and working relationships of each of these three groups.


District Progams - The program function concentrates on helping units with special activities including civic service and council events. Everyone at the district level has a hand in this responsibility.


Hope that helps! Success in your university!







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Some very good stuff in here. What we will offer won't be decided for at least another month. But I really appreciate the thought and effort that went into everyones suggestions. As we get closer to the event I will post more information.

Thanks again,

Bob White

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To Mark's comments,


One of the interesting additions to the 4th day of 21st Century Wood Badge is that the training on Leave No Trace Camping is done by youth formed as a Venturing Crew. They then run the challenges (adventure trail) the next day for the adults. They also are encouraged to participate in the diversity exercise and diversity game in the evening.


On our first such course, some of the youth had such a good time that they asked if they could come back for the closing ceremony. Not only could they, but they were guests of honor. We took photos of the course and showed them as a slide presentation with appropriate music at the closing. The only time that the entire course gave a standing ovation during this presentation was when the photo of the Venturers was shown.


As a youth, my District in Baltimore ran a district JLT with boy instructors. We had adult patrols run through this too and it was no big thing. When the adults came through, you just said to yourself "OK, these are the adults." I remember that one session I was teaching was fire building without matches and only the adults were heavy and strong enough to do it with fire by friction. Having these boy instructors was a good thing for all concerned.

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Sorry if this has come out earlier but NeilLup jogged something loose - Troop level JLT can get just a bit stale after a while, and the experienced Scouts that really can add something to it will stay away in droves.

How about a session on how to spark up the standard Troop JLT offering without losing any of the original value? How might things be different if a COPE course was available? How might some of your Eagles present pieces of this if asked?

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Effective use of electronic communications, with some time devoted to proper etiquette for use with such things as email. See the thread on Problems with Email for the idea. It could also incorporate some information on how to supplement printed mailings with electronic mailings, that sort of thing.

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I have been asked by a couple posters to give a follow up on what ideas we used for the event.


First let me thank everyone for your ideas and input. All suggestions were considered and many accepted.


Unfortunately.... the event did not take place. A number of elements contributed to its cancellation (a word and anaction I hate to hear) not the least of which was lack of pre-registration. But thankfully ideas have a durable shelf life and I will look for oher opportunities to make use of them.

Thanks again,

Bob White

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