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About getting trained

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Something that I find interesting is that the same Dad who is too "busy" to go to Scout training can find the time to go to coaching clinics for soccer or basketball.


It's a matter of priorities and I guess that I'm guilty as the rest. I've been blowing off my referee association meetings this fall to be at Scout functions.

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The worst thing about getting trained is you might find out what's comfortable for you, and what your unit does that you like, is not the BSA program (Mark me as one who knows)


I joined the troop with my son, it was great, as a Veteran Eagle Scout I KNEW I knew it all and didnt need to be trained. Besides, I was in with a great bunch of adults who were very affable. We had lots of fun on our trips, setting up camp, cooking, cleaning, talking till the wee hours of the morning and getting the equipmnet stored back at the church's basement. I started the saying that we were really the Church's Trekking Club, this Boy Scout thing was just a front. All the leaders would laugh, agree and work with the boys on advancement.


Unfortunately, I went to training. I learned it was probably not a good idea that the CC and SM chose the SPL and ASPL's and PL's and QM's etc. And that having the meetings program be merit badge classes wasnt as great an idea as I thought.


I learned what it meant to be a boy lead troop and man oh man, we were not. (but the adults were having fun in a boy scout uniform)


The good news side of it is we JUST recently actually elected a SPL and last night had the first troop reorganization run by the PLC. (our scoutmaster went to Philmont for Scoutmaster training, he got religion) The three new scout patrols were kept intact and went off to the new scout program. Then they placed 10 chairs in 5 groups in the meeting hall. The rules were (as set by the PLC). Each of the 5 new patrols had to have 3 members star or above and 3 who are first class or below. The rest of the patrol didnt matter. The boys were then free to go sit where they wanted, form a patrol AND elect a PL and select a APL. Its been a long time since there was that much excitement in a meeting. People actually talking about patrol activities, what a gas!

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I had to double check the author of your message. Didn't you say the troop has about 70 boys in it? Without using the patrol method?


Not trying to pick on you, but some questions.


I have a copy of the scoutmaster handbook. It says very clearly that the SPL is elected by the boys in the troop. Did you adults not read that? Or just think it wasn't necessary? Or think it didn't apply to you since all was working well? Why did it take going to Philmont to figure out what the handbook says?




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I'm a certified trainer with the Girl Scouts and I concentrate training Outdoor sections. I have found even the most experienced Leader, camper or outdoorsperson comes away from the training having learned something. Even if it's just a different recipe, game or song. It's of value to the leader and ultimately the youth. But, typically, they learn much more than that.


I enjoy meeting the women and sharing so much back and forth. Plus, the different trainers have different areas of expertise. I've learned a great deal from those that attend and the other trainers.


All training is worth while. Go for it!


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Well, Sctmom, we are/were in patrols, there are patrol leaders, there is a Senior Parol Leader, and ASPL. right now I can tell you they are all elected. It hasnt always been that way. Up to two weeks ago the CC and the SM appointed these positons. I have worked on getting the unit to hold elections for 3 years (about how long ago I got SM fundamemntals)


The troop over the years has had quite a few ADD/ADHD kids in it (Our CC is a pediatrician) she has quite a few of her patients in the troop. In the past the committee has felt the kids couldnt be trusted to elect competent leaders. When I started with the troop I was told thats the way they did things. Well, the topic of this thread is training. I got it, and am trying to use it. A few other people have been trained and are also trying to spread the idea. The SM kinda knew it but people on the committee were dragging their feet on the situation. Now after Philmont, he is really pressing the issue.


Ignorance is bliss, when you learn that you doing it wrong, then you have to change it, its hard when the entrenched leaders are charismatic and repsected. I like them all, so to change behavior items will take some time.

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"I have a copy of the scoutmaster handbook. It says very clearly that the SPL is elected by the boys in the troop. Did you adults not read that? Or just think it wasn't necessary? Or think it didn't apply to you since all was working well?"


Out troop was run like an overgrown pack for quite a few years, even with trained leaders on hand? Why? I guess that it was easier that way.


Boys would come into the troop together from Cub Scouts and stay as a patrol for years. The PL position was only a figurehead as the "Patrol Advisor" really ran the show. There was no Boys leading, no mentoring, just adults doing things.


Now, we're trying to change things and running into big problems. Parents are complaining about changes. The boys have never had to do anything so they don't want to do anything. Some "Patrol Advisors" don't like the idea that they aren't going to be in charge.


I am surprised at how many troops are being run like packs. At first, I though that we were the only one or one of few. Now is seems to be a pervasive problem.


I'm wondering if this "run a troop like a pack" problem is fairly new or has this been going on for fifty years.



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