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Our Patrol Yell: "Beavers! Dam!"(snicker-snicker). Thought I'd pass this along. It's the symbolic meaning of all the critters: Beavers - builders/gatherers; Bob White - sacred spirial, ceremonial, holy: Fox - cunning, provides intellegence; Eagle - divine spirit, communication to creator; Owl - wisdom, perserverence; Bear - strength, adaptability; Buffalo - secredness, life builder; Antelope - speed, action, knowledge; Raven - trickster, mischievous.

As all Beavers know, if it weren't for us Beavers, everybody would be doing all their wonderful things . . . out in the rain . . . . First in Gilwell Order!


oh, yeah - I used to be a Beaver . . . .

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I used to be a Bear. a good ole bear, too!

'The BEAR'

Known for the strenght, pure force, a great spirit, as a disciplinarian, Protector of Children, & of the community.

Protector against the Unknown.

Also note for their hunger of all other critters in the woods.




Lets not forget SEABADGE


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Last Sunday afternoon, my partner and I were with a bunch of our Scouts launcing Model Rockets.


We happened to remember the water rockets we built and launced at Wood Badge.


My patrols (Beaver)rocket went straight up and flew the highest. His patrols (Bobwhite)went up about 10 feet and started buzzing all over the place.


We figured it was true to form. Beavers are great engineers and What do Bobwhites do? Flyup and scatter!


Just found out the other day that the last member of my Patrol is getting his beads this Moonday at our Troops COH. Congrats Tim!

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I used to be a Beaver..


Everyone KNOWS that Beavers lead the way!! First in everyway!


When we were building out rocket..I fashioned a beaver out of a brown pipe cleaner and we secured him in the bottle cap and attached him to the top of our rocket and then sent the first (to our knowledge) Beaver into space!!


Sue SR-605



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We spent half of the first weekend working on a patrol name. Seems we just couldn't come up with one that the CD would approve. He turned down "Buck-naked Beavers" and "Beavers! Dam Builders!" and a couple of others.


We finally settled on "The Band of Beavers"


I used to be a Beaver...


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We are the Storming Buffalo patrol from Course C-16-03. We had two yells: The first simply involves stomping the feet repeatedly (or, if walking, slapping the thighs) while saying


Stormiiiiiiiiing Buffalo!


Our favorite, and the one that earned the most titters was


We're there --- when the chips are down. BUFFALO!


And you really did have to watch where you would step around our site - you can thank my kids and I who picked up a large buffalo chip (I shellacked it repeatedly over 5 weeks) and placed it a reasonable distance from our patrol site. It was a great conversation piece.


Storming Buffalo



F. J.

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