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Calling all Owls:


I am seeking Owl pins (hat pins, etc). I have seen some very nice ones, some in pewter. But all I have been able to find is a little ceramic Owl pin and a really nice one laser etched in a little flat wood oval.


Does anyone know of other sources for Owl pins?





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I used to be a Fox!



I finished my ticket last month and will be getting my beads in two weeks! Too bad the job doesn't end when you "finish" the ticket! It's just beginning! ;)


And watch out for your kids! My son told me "good for you" then asked when I'd be getting my fourth bead! (Any woman course diretors out there?) I think I taught him too well in service to others! ;)


BTW, Owl 62, just to a search on owls and you'll come up with lots of merchandise to choose from!

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Used to be a Beaver!


Just finished the "Book" part of the course a week or so ago (SR-542)


Working my ticket!




First post here -looks to be good folks!(This message has been edited by Aardvark)

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Q. How are the patrols chosen?


I just recently agreed to step up to the SM position ( I make it official tomorrow at the committee meeting), and one of the things the CC offered was woodbadge training, probably early spring.

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