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I am not sure Woodbadge is the answer, I would only do it if I wanted to be the best leader I could be, I would only do if if I wanted to meet a whole lot of people who think the same way I do, I would only do it if I wanted to accomplish measureable tasks that are designed to improve my unit/district/council etc. AND finally I would only do it if I wanted others to know that I am serious about this scouting stuff

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In my relatively short tenure as a BSA leader, I've come to realize that there's no such thing as "too much training". I've taken everything I can, including WB (ticket complete and my neckerchief, beads, and woggle are on their way).


If nothing else, your level of training will partially offset the vast majority who take none beyond YP & Fast Start.


It will make difference, in small ways right away, and for many years in ways you may never see.



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Like the Nike commercials... JUST DO IT! To quote one of my fellow Wood Badge participants, "It was more fun than a bunch of adults should be allowed to have".


The expierance will envigorate you. Spending time with other people who are as committed as you are to bringing the boys the very best they can offer will charge you up, build your confidence as a leader, and in the end help you to be a better leader. Don't be concerned about the tickets. If you're working hard as a leader, than you are probably doing some ticket material right now.





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It's kind of difficult to explain in a short post. If were simple it wouldn't take nearly 6 days to do.


Every other training in scouting is on the specific role and responsibilities for a specific adult position. Or about teaching a set of skills at a youth participants specific developmental stage.


Woodbadge for the 21st Century is about YOU. It is sharpening your personal saw. How to identify and achieve a legacy for yourself. Learning leadership skills that go far beyond how to have a good meeting or build a fire with two matches. It is about seeing the bigger vision not only in scouting but in all aspects of your life and the skills needed to achieve those visions.


Woodbadge can give you the tools to be a better scouter, neighbor, spouse, parent, employer, employee. Where it takes you however is up to you. You write your own ticket:).


I used to be a Bobwhite, and a good old Bobwhite too...

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Was it worth it?


Yes. One of the best training courses I have taken anywhere.


Did it make me a better leader?


Yes it did.


The ticket is the end product of the course. This is where you apply what you were taught.


By all means, go.


"I use to be an Eagle ........."


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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Hmmm, this reminds me of the Wood Badge Patrol Leader who looked up Fox on the internet to get some ideas for her patrol. She was a little surprised by what popped up and said she couldn't use them in public. So I decided to look up Bob White and saw what I expected; Einstine, Beethoven, Benjamin Franklin, and Badon Powell. Not sure what the Fox problem was. Maybe they need more vegetables in their diet.



Bombing Bob White

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