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Our Council has opted to convert the annual Cub Scout Pow Wow into a University of Scouting, including presentations of interest to Boy Scout and Venturing leaders. Truly a noble cause, and in excellent hands as well, but I'm wondering if anybody out there has maintained any kind of records on attendance and participation from something similar.

To be brief: which sessions were well attended and which ones weren't worth the effort? What topics get overlooked?

Your thoughts and ideas are welcomed! Thanks

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Our council (Great Trail, Akron, Ohio) has had a University of Scouting event for many years and it is always well attended (300-350 people). As a committee member, we review the attendance numbers for each class, and make changes if attendance is poor. We usually change about 5-10% of the classes per year, to keep things fresh. Check out the council web page (http://www.gtcbsa.org/) for last year's class offerings.

It seems like the courses that deal with food (dutch oven cooking) are always a big hit. :-)



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Our Council, Southwest Florida, has modeled after a true university. Our University of Scouting Arts (USA) participants work towards "degrees" in either the College of Scouting Arts or the College of Commissioner Science.


As in a real college, each "student" signs up for

classes which include required courses and electives. New "experimental classes" are created each year and presented as elective classes. Once you have completed degree requirements for a particular college, you are awarded a diploma in a "graduation ceremony". It is possible to complete requirements in one weekend session, but to earn the Doctorate Degree (Phd), four years of attendance must be completed with all degree requirements and either a Thesis or Project completed for the Phd.


Attendance has been increasing ever since its conception. Because some classes are deemed "required", they are generally the most attended ones. They include Cub, Boy Scout and Venturing topics and can be specialized in.


Experimental classes can become required or permanent elective classes, depending on attendance and interest.


Scouting magazine will be publishing an article this coming Spring about our USA.





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Sam Houston Area Council, Houston TX has held UofS for many years and it has had a variety of attendance levels - a lot seems to depend on the promotion it receives and what courses are available. It seems that once you've been around for a while and there are not new course offered - "been there, done that" attitude sets in.


I've noticed that unique outdoor skills classes are heavily attended... as Scoutmaster253 mentioned, dutch oven cooking classes are popular. Merit Badge counselor classes are also popular and you're more apt to get those "not very active, but I'll be a merit badge counselor" type participants for these courses.

Also, a popular class is one that deals with the behaviors of the boys and suggestions/helps/recommendations, etc. of how to work and deal with them.


Pow-Wow and U of S is kept separate, though.


I have recently moved to Missouri, so I'm not familiar with what the Ozark Council has to offer.(This message has been edited by mamafox)

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