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"I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet"


I guess Einstein was right, everything is relative...


So, Dan, your in Three Fires Council, Fox Valley District? How far from Elburn are you? Was just up for graduation at the Kaneland High School

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I live 8 miles from Elburn!

But my kids are in a different school district.

To bad we couldn't hook up for the BSA handshake!


You know you have caused some problems now, there are 2 leaders in the troop that are staffing Wood Badge, so I can bend some ears about information about the 20 questions!


But lets not get into how to get all training done the same!


And I agree with you about the secrecy thing, its like a secret club, oh wait there is no secret clubs in the BSA is there!


This is the 1st course of the new Wood Badge for this council.


If this is a course on Team Building, I guess I can compare it with the other 3 I have been through, and coast through the course.



BTW I do know that I will be in a patrol, and you can bet I will not be singing for any lost stuff...

Wanna bet on this? ;)


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I was scout as a youth in what is now Three Fires Council. Troop 65 in Wood Dale, that is a far piece for you if you that close to Elburn. I have no idea what distict it is now. Used to be Sauk District of the DuPage area council, but was long ago and I did my OA ordeal at Thunderbird by Woodridge. Is the Natokiokan lodge still operating?


BTW, If the topic of singing comes up as a punishment for anything, there will be a quick call to the DE. Sorry, I have no sense of humor on this topic. Now, if I am assigned to sing in a campfire, lead a cheer or write a skit I am all there. I have a killer skit based on "Who's on first"


Just a taste,


so name the leaders


Who is the scoutmaster, what is the senior patrol leader and I dont know the quatermaster


So who is the scoutmaster




can you see it?(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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Northern Trail District

(District 3)


Northern Trail District serves the communities of Addison, Bensenville, Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, Hanover Park (east), Itasca, Keeneyville, Medinah, Roselle, and Wood Dale.

Go here for more info http://www.threefirescouncil.org/

I do not if that lodge is still around.


I think they have specials songs for WB! Well at least one!




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Congratulations!!! I know that your Wood Badge experience will be a Mountain Top Experience. Don't worry to much about your ticket. I thought I knew what I wanted for my ticket before I attended the first part of WB. My ticket is totally different that what I thought it would be. It is much much better. Use your Troop Guide, who will be one of your greatest resources.


Good Luck and have fun.



Owl Patrol SR-438

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I completed the new WB course in early May. Other posters are right, it's not about secrecy, it's just that laying a full syllabus in front of you will ruin the course and prevent the necessary human dynamics from occurring the way they're supposed to. You'll see this for yourself. I have an MBA and years of management and leadership experience -- nonetheless, I "surrendered myself" to the staff...I'm glad I did. One member of our class in another patrol (very Type-A) tried to game it by front-loading everything, having all his ticket items written before he showed up, having all the answers, etc. He was very frustrated and disappointed, in large part because there is no personal or programmatic reward or advantage to doing so. In fact, it's almost certainly counterproductive.


I didn't even think about ticket items until the last couple days (we did a week straight rather than two weekends -- tyrrany of distance in the Western Pacific). All were approved by the staff without rewrite.


My advice: relax, have fun, make friends, and hold judgment on the course until after you're finished...

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Good Luck,

It was one of the most meaningful training sesions I have ever attended. Re your tickets(5) each for my classmates. They do not have to be anything tough, just set some realistic goals and achieve them. Mine range from helping all eligable youth obtain there 50 miler this summer when we go canoeing to organizing my scout records at home. As to your patrol project (KISS) keep it simple stupid. Oh ya Eagles critters rule! Have fun, enjoy the time you are there - its one of the few times in life you get to be a kid again.

Back to Gilweel, happy land.


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Who you be calling stupid! ;)

KISS - Keep is simple silly.



My training starts on Sunday after a weekend campout with the scouts, I should be good and rested! When does your training start?d

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Congrats and good luck on your Woodbadge adventure!


Everyone here has already explained as much as they could without giving you a full-blown explanation. I've seen some great advice given too! :)


Like several have said - it's not about "secrecy" in the sense of a secret organization, but it's about not wanting to give you any predisposed ideas of what is going to happen during your Woodbadge course. It is best to go in with a clean slate mind and be like a child the first day of kindergarten! ;)


I have beads from both Cub Scout Trainer's Woodbadge and Boy Scout Woodbadge. (southern region and Sam Houston Area Council) I am double-foxed ;)

I have not seen the syllabus nor do I know what the "new" combined Woodbadge course is about. I must say that unless they operated it close to what the CS Woodbadge course, it won't hold a candle to it.

I was extremely disappointed in the BS Woodbadge course. It was nothing more than a 3 weekend SMF course. =\ Even the ticket requirements were whimpy compared to CS Woodbadge tickets. CS required a total of 15 tickets, 5 categories. (I think that's how many.. close if not accurate, though)

We certainly would have never gotten away with a ticket being "put up a tent in my backyard". (I know of several who had that as a ticket item for BS Woodbadge). If you don't know how to put up a tent, you shouldn't be at Boy Scout Woodbadge ;)


Ohmy, I've gotten off the track here... sorry!


Anyway, best wishes on your course and I hope that you have many wonderful and lifelong memories ahead of you! :)

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A thought just occurred to me...since you haven't been through Woodbadge before, you obviously got your name from somewhere else...just think, we might have to start calling you Ole Grey Buffalo:)

...or if you are really lucky...Ole Grey Bear!


In regards to the ticket thing, you may find that once you have left Woodbadge, you will want to change your ticket to better match what you are currently doing in Scouting...sit back, enjoy and

take it as it comes! Best Wishes.

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Well, I must thank all the good wishers who have posted here. The course starts on August 23, 24, 25,(three full days) and then Sept 13, 14, 15 (three more full days. You should have seen the expressions in the office when I asked for the two fridays off so I could be a "Boy Scout", most are convinced I already am.


And Bubba, When I was a scout I attained the Eagle rank. I may end up a Bear (and a good ol' Bear), or a Fox, Buffalo, etc. But I am an Eagle Scout first


In the words of the MacScouter Website


If you get paid to do Scouting, you are a Professional

If you dont get paid to do Scouting, you are a Volunteer

If you PAY to do Scouting, you are a Scouter


Pax Vobiscum

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Sorry for this late posting and I assume your training will start in the spring. I was fortunate enough to be in the last traditional Woodbadge course in our council. I hope the traditions carry on in the new one. Go into this training with an open mind. Things will be explained when you get there. BubbaBear was right. Maybe you want have to be an eagle much longer. Kodiak Bears are at the top of the food chain! If you go into this like you were a boy again, you will get more out of it and will have a great time. Bears Rule! Does anyone know if Bob White is a Bob White or is that his name?

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