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Unpaid Scout Dues--Need Parent Letter

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I need an outline of a "Dear Parent" letter for unpaid scout dues.


I have Googled with little success.


Unfortunately, these 2 parents did not participate with our popcorn sales. 85% of our scouts were able to pay for all or the majority of their dues via fundraising. We had 4 parents who opted not to sell and they just wrote a check for dues back in September. The dues are outlined in our handbook and I give the "cost of scouting, dues and financial scholarship talk" at the New Parent Orientation in August. No surprises here.


The den leaders and I have left messages, sent emails and even talked to them and still nothing. Charter paperwork is due Dec 15, but I would like to have it completed at the end of November.


This is a new problem for us....er...me. Please help. Thanks!

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Sorry, I don't have a form letter, but unfortunately have delt with this issue in the past as well...


A short, certified letter stating:


Mr. / Ms. XXXX,


The Cub Scout Pack ### has tried multiple times to engage you regarding your son's, XXXX, dues for scouting activities. Our correspondence has been ignored up until this point. We are in the process of unit recharter and must have payment of $xxx.xx no later than (date), or the committee will have no choice but to suspend your son's scouting account and activities with the unit.


If you would like to apply for a scout scholarship due to financial hardship, we can work with you and the committee will refer you to the appropriate office at the council. (if such a thing exists for your unit)


Otherwise, if payment is not received by (date), your son's active status in the unit will be changed to inactive and he will not be able to participate or receive awards until all back dues are paid in full.




(get it signed by as many committee members as possible)



This is not your doing, and you should have the support of the committee behind you. It is a sad reality, but scouting is not a free ride and the activities and awards the unit engages in cost money. A scout should be prepared to pay his own way, and it sounds like your unit has given ample opportunity for fundraising and time for these families to make arrangements with the unit. Be kind and compassionate, but be professional and steadfast in your dealings and you have nothing to worry about.


Scouting is easy when everyone does their part. The hard part is when someone does not live up to their obligation(s), then a member of the committee has to be the "bad guy" and hold them accountable.



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As a post script...


If you or a DL speaks with the families and they state their son is still going to be active... do NOT float them at recharter time. We (I) made this mistake the 1st year I was involved with recharter and we had 3 families that had yet to pay, but all said yes they were still going to be active and would pay at the next month pack meeting.


Well, unit paid for the boy's registration and Boy's Life subscription to the tune of $25 per boy (if I remember correctly), the next month, all three stated they were not going to be in scouts anymore and stopped showing up... so, my trust cost the unit $75 of our funds. Lesson learned.


You want to think the best of people, but if their actions up til this point tell you otherwise, go with what history has shown you and NOT what their words tell you, until you have the $$ in the treasury.



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I'd go ahead and complete your recharter. Don't include unpaid Scouts on it.



Nothing wrong with sending families another note.


I'd tell them that because the dues haven't been paid, their Scout's membership has not been renewed for 2013 so far.


If payment is not made by XXXX date, a new Scout membership application will need to be completed to renew the membership.





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Try the soft sell - no certified letters (too hard), no business letters (this isn't a business - its supposed to be a fun organization). Keep it light-hearted and try to express that the lad and his family would be missed and that there's lots of fun things coming up. You aren't sending out a collection letter, you're sending out a solicitation letter. Remember, Scouting isn't a mandatory activity, its a choice. Come at folks hard and they'll choose to stop responding.


Try something like below:



Dear Parent,


We enjoy having (son's name here) in our Pack very much. Unfortunately, we have not yet received your son's annual dues and we need to re-charter by the end of this month! If we don't have your son's dues, we'll have to inactivate his membership in Cub Scouts and our Pack which means he won't be able to participate in all the fun!


We have some great things coming up that (son's name here) will miss, like our December holiday party, Pinewood Derby, the Blue and Gold Dinner and of course all the fun learning and playing in Den meetings!


Won't you please send us the dues so that (son's name here) can continue to join the fun? We do understand that there might be some reason that the dues haven't been paid yet so please don't hesitate to contact one of us. We might be able to help.


We would really like (son's name here) to stay with us in Pack (XXX).


Looking forward to hearing from you, and seeing (son's name here) really soon!




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There is no need for a hard hitting letter. The parents already know the money is due and they are choosing not to pay or cannot pay.


Simply send them a letter stating matter of fact that Johnnie's dues have not been paid, and if the are not paid by X date, his membership will not be renewed in the pack.

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I just sent this to the committee for approval/editing. I felt it was important for the parent to understand BSA national does not send us money. And we have to pay them to renew our Charter. Thanks again for the help. Just what I was looking for!


We enjoy having XX in our Cub Scout Pack, however we have not received his scout dues yet. Scout dues help to pay for the activities that the boys and families enjoy.


Dues cover supplies and expenses for our Den and Pack meetings as well as XXs advancement awards. We do not receive outside funding and our budget is based on membership dues and/or each scouts popcorn sales. We have some great events coming up and we dont want you to miss out on them! For instance, we will have......


I need to hear from you by November 29, 2012. At this time, XX needs to officially re-register as a scout for the 2013 scouting year with the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts of America charges each scout a fee for registration. If we dont have XXs dues, we will have to inactivate his membership and he wont get to participate in all the fun.


XXs dues for the year are $XX. If you like, you may pay in 4 installments of $XX each with the first payment due by November 29 and the final payment due by March 1, 2013. You may give them to XX or send them to school in an envelope: Attn: Cub Scout Pack XX. Just be sure to let one of us know you sent in your dues payment so we know to look for it.


Wont you please send in his dues so he can continue to have fun in Cub Scouting? Of course, we understand there may be some reason you have not paid your dues yet. Please dont hesitate to contact me or your den leader, XX. We might be able to help.


We want XX to stay with us and continue to have fun in Pack XX!


I look forward to hearing from you and seeing XX continue along the scouting trail.




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Fellow Leaders,




Good letter examples, but I like what Brewmeister said.


You don't need to be cruel, don't need to be nice either, but you should be honest.


Some families do join Cub Scouting, and may not be able to afford dues/events, others are just irresponsible, but there is another category that enjoy the euphoria at the beginning of the school year, but soon become disenchanted (without stating so).


My Scouting units have invested money in a few Scouts that never returned. I've invested my own money for a few Scouts that never return. But I've slowly changed by attitude and desire cash up front by recharter time.


Hopefully they will catch up in dues. But if not, the youth or the parents must not be intertested in their son's activities.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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that is too long, too many words.


Most parents lately seem to reply/respond better to short messages like they'd read in a text message.

so send a text that says

Hey, Johnny scout's registration fees of $xx are due by Nov 29th. when can you pay?


Dear scout family,

Every year we have to re-register with Boy Scouts of America and make payment to them to continue in another year of scouting.


Your son's rechartering fees/annual dues are $xx.

They must be paid by Nov 29th or he will not be registered for 2013.

If not paid, he will not be able to participate in any scouting activities in 2013, but he can continue to participate in scouting thru the December actvity on the xxth (name and date of your last scout activity of the year).


The pack does fundraising to offset the cost of scouting for families with financial hardship; if that is the reason his fees have not been paid, please call me privately ASAP.



Pack Committee Chair

phone number

email address(This message has been edited by 5yearscouter)

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Along with what DeaRX said, don't register them if you don't have cash in hand! Just let them know that they will have to fill out another application when they pay their dues if they pass the deadline but that they are still welcome.

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I forget how young these pack parents are! Text:


Pack dues for the 1st 3 mos. of 2013 are $__. Will u pay Monday? Or will J. quit Dec 31st? Problems? Plz call!


Bless your committee, but if they need to approve what you write, there's a problem.


FWIW: I decided not to bother collecting crew dues early this year. For all my harping in October/November, nobody paid (or if they were multiple with another unit turned in paperwork with contact info changes or updates in preferred flavor of chocolate bars). We'll have one collection date. Then the crew president will call whoever hasn't paid and ask if they are "in" or "out" and give them 5 days to pay.

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I sent an upbeat letter to the parent the week before Thanksgiving. (The other family paid--no letter.) No response from parent. Scout son asked neighbor dad to take him to our Pack meeting tonight. He went and had fun. So....den leader quickly put a note together and sent it home with scout to take to parent. Note asked parent to call regarding dues and/or inquire about scout scholarships.


I hope we get a response. Scout needs and enjoys scouting. Meanwhile, I have turned in Charter and scout was dropped from unit.


This takes the fun out of scouting.



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Ok, so you have kicked him out....


You need to make sure neighbor dad knows not to bring him to any more meetings till his mom has paid the fee and filled out a fresh application. It is an awkward situation.....In years past I would have paid the national fees out of my own pocket to keep a needy good kid in the program.



I bet he keeps coming to the meetings.


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