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Tiger induction ceremony needed

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I'm looking for a Tiger induction ceremony that uses paint on the face. I have come across this in the past, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I'm also looking for a short ceremony because of limited time. Does anyone have this or know where I can get it?



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I sometimes do a Bobcat ceremony with face paint as well.



I do a ceremony to welcome new Tiger Cubs into the den and pack. For each I provide a neckerchief I've cut from a suitable sheet, and a neckerchief slide cut from a tree limb with a hole bored in it.


The new Scouts are invited to come forward with their Tiger Cub Partner. Each is welcomed into the den by name and given their new neckerchief and slide. The Tiger Cub partner helps put the neckerchief and slide on their Tiger Cub.


I explain that when they are wearing their neckerchief and slide, they are "in uniform." One aim is to establish the value of boys being in uniform immediately to boys and parents, to get boys in uniform without leaning on family budgets to go out and buy stuff right away and give families time to buy additional uniform parts as they wish on their own schedule.


I use a butcher knife to cut out the neckerchiefs. They, like the slides, are all a little different, just like Cub Scouts are all different. That tends to work out pretty well in my experience.


I cut 20 neckerchiefs out of a sheet that cost me $7 once when I kept track of that.





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Never did a Tiger induction.


Tigers had all earned their Tiger Totem, and some beads by the first Pack meeting so I would do a bit of a ceremony for that. Larger ceremonies like face painting, glowing water, color changing water, fizzy bones, etc, are all saved for rank award, and graduation ceremonies.


We do a "welcome to the Pack" presentation where all new Cubs, and their parents, are called up, and the Cub is presented their red "brag" vest, council patch, and first segment. Then everyone stands up and gives a "big round of applause" to the new new members.


This Painted Tiger ceremony might be adapted to work for you -




I would take out the Tiger Motto (no more Tiger Motto), and rank badge references, and add a symbol for the Webelos trail (green stripe down nose?).


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Painted Tiger Ceremony


Materials: Black, Yellow and Red Paint, Tiger Paws

Indian Drummer begins soft, slow rhythmic beat.


Cubmaster: Would the Tiger Cubs and their partner please come forward.


Cubmaster: For the past few months, you and your family have explored new and exciting things and places. You have taken each part of the Tiger Cub Motto: Search, Discover, Share and used it in your home, school, and neighborhood.


You and your partner have searched out new activities which have shown you how people work and have fun together


Cubmaster: Do you want to wear the sign of the Tiger? If you do, please say "yes".


Tigers: Yes


Cubmaster: We will give you the sign of the Tiger which will start you on your journey along the Scouting Trail. You will need lots of support from your family as you try to attain Cub Scoutings' highest honor, the Arrow of Light.


The black on your cheeks is for happiness along the Tiger Trail.

(Paint two horizontal stripes on each cheek)


The yellow on your chin is for sunlight along the Wolf Trail.

(Paint two vertical stripes on chin)


The red on your forehead is for bravery when you attempt the Bear Trail.

(Paint two vertical stripes on forehead)


Tiger Cubs, remember the meaning of your Tiger paint. It shows that you are ready to move along the upward trail of Scouting.


I will now present your paws. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the evening.

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