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Red Vest Alternative?

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Gotta a few years as a cub leader.



Just sayin what I have seen. Brew sorry your insulted by it......


We have a couple of boys with autistic spectrum disorders.....They wear their red vest absolutely everywhere.....Even in 100 weather at summer camp.......When you try to get them out of it to help them cool down they absolutely fall apart.



The home school boys we have.....it is all about vanity.....The one races over and measures the other boys vest verses his own.....I got that one that one and that one look you don't have this one this one or this one.



We make them as a wolf project as Brew describes. they cut and sew them first meeting.



Our program is very active and the boys will fill the vest up in a single year of cub scouting.

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Our pack presents the new boys with a Patch Banner. We make a banner from heavy blue felt about 2 1/2 ft long like a medeviel banner. It hangs on a dowel with a yellow rope to hang on a hook. We use yellow fabric paint and put their name at the top and on the angels of the point at the bottom is Pack ### and Den #. They are presented with the banner at the blue and gold as some of the newer boys don't have all the loops and other awards the other boys do. They are very proud to receive it personalized for them.


We started to ask the boys to bring their banners to the blue and gold. They are hung around the room and makes an awesome decoration.

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The popularity of vests or blankets depends on how many of these the cubs see others displaying/wearing.


Blankets are VERY POPULAR outside the USA.


Then again, I'm a bit biased as I'm one of those crazy blanket/patch people:










I need to take updated pictures of 1 (now full), 5 (ditto) and 6 (work in progress).


2 through 5 are stuff I've picked-up trading over the years along with a few purchases (mostly fundraisers) and gifts.

1 covers my time in the first century of the BSA

6 covers my time to date in the second century of the BSA

#4 is how I've seen most "camp blankets" done outside the USA--wearable as a poncho.


Total patches on these blankets to date: about 2,400 and rising.


If you decide to go that route, you can find simple to complex patterns on the Internet with a little searching.

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I made a vest for every boy in my Dens. We had a huge box of white (Navy issue) flat sheets at the Fire Station. I traced my daughters Junior vest on some poster board. Cut them out, sewed them together in about 10 hours total. Dyed them all together with some RIT scarlet and wine. Boys are Bears now and got them as Tigers. They are very proud of the vests, as we are the only dens in the Pack that have them, and wear them all the time, even with class B's. I'd make them for the whole Pack if I had more sheets! I would encourage it. The boys are worth the effort it takes to sew one up.


( The comedian Sinbad was at our ScoutFest and told my son what a cool vest he had. Grins ear to ear!)

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As a Home-school Cub leader with an autistic child. Your views are slightly disturbing.

Change the word Home-schooled and autistic with "Asian", "Black", or "Gay". How about we narrow that brush tip you're painting with.


Yours in cheerful service :)


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Getting back to the OP...I went to a CoH and the Troop was wearing optional patches (e.g. 50 miler, etc.) on the back of their merit badge sash. I didn't want to tell them it reminded me of the Girl Scout sash and all their patchs on the sash. One of my leaders in the pack wanted to buy Boy Scout sashes so the boys would have a place to display their patches. She didn't like the red vest idea. I think I was able to talk her out of it as the MB sash is a Boy Scout uniform item and not for Cub Scouts.


I'm going to talk to my son's Den Leader of having the Web den make a "trophy skin" out of brown felt material and tree branches for the frame. With the cubs getting ready to transition, it would be a great place for them to display their CS ranks and other stuff.

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