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Webelos Woods Syllabus

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A long time ago just depending on how old you are. I conducted a Camporee program called Webelos Woods, sometime back in the 90's. Does anyone know-have-or leed me to this syllabus? I remember enough to be dangerous...your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Webelos woods is a regional thing.....Webelos advancement weekends are called all sorts of things.


Generally speaking the ones I have attended have been one hour sessions.


Saturday AM Flags


Readyman.....Local EMT is the instructor

Geologist....Staff from local park

Naturalist...Boy Scout troop

Forester.....Boy Scout Troop




Evening flags


Saturday night Campfire, each den with a skit or song.......Keep it to less than an hour.


Far as the syllabus for each, they just work the requirements.


All of them I have attended has been food on your own or with your Host troop. I liked the food on your own because I really dislike hamburger foil dinners.


here is some links to look at.


http://oreida-bsa.org/documents/Webelos%20Woods/2012WebelosWoodsLeadersGuide.pdf .


http://www.eagledistrictwebeloswoods.org/Websites/eagledistrictwebeloswoods/images/Forms/2011/2011WW-Info4Packs.pdf .







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Thanks, Basementdweller

I will definantly check this out. What I am looking for is publication #33838 from BSA. I feel for sure that there is one out there. If you've got one can you get it to me?


Yours in Scouting



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I have a hard copy of the BSA publication for "Webelos Woods".; it was an official BSA publication and was dropped by the very early 80s at the latest, or so my research leads me to believe. Unless someone scanned it and posted it somewhere I don't think it ever existed other than hard copy. I have the Webelos-Ree document too. It was pretty much a re-title of Webelos Woods... goofy name.

Webelos Woods was a suggested format / program for a Webelos weekend. We have been doing a Webelos Woods event since the very early 90s; I don't know if our council used it in years before that, but know it had not been used for a few years when we revived the program. We have intensified the concentration on the outdoor program, the Outdoor group of activity pins. For us it is all about earning the "outdoor" things . Specific program content varies from year to year as there is too much pertinent material to pack into one weekend campout. We do incorporate a half day unique to the 5th grade Scouts: focus is on AOL and preparation for Boy Scouts.

Our event is as much a Boy Scout event as a Webelos event as we use troops for the teaching. Typical attendance is 25 packs and 10 - 12 troops represented. It is for their early rank scouts who practice\ the skills they need for their own advancement by teaching the Webelos.

Single event attendance has run into the 250 range, more typically 220 Scouts, but in the years we held three events throughout our council we had well over 350 participants.


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