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Banning Little Red Wagons

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Many people have ridiculed the "Guide to Sage Scouting" ban on using little red wagons. But the reason seems obvious to me:



You can't ride in my little red wagon

(You can't ride in my little red wagon)

Front seats broken and the axles dragging

(Front seats broken and the axles dragging)





choga choga choga

(choga choga choga)




Chronic poor maintenance and repair. An obvious safety hazard.

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"Guide to Sage Scouting" now that sounds like a freudian slip...


The Little Red Wagon I rode downhill in had a one pivot steering, and from inside, it guaranteed to provide a tripped over trip. Little Tykes now makes a wagon that has a wheel pivot on each front corner, steers very nice from outside, but not at all from the inside. Shucks.


I think the ban comes from Cubs falling off the wagon. I MEAN OUT OF the wagon.


I guess we're just left with two wheel races, ala the Romans: http://www.28thcambridgescouts.org.uk/cubs/chariots.html


Or ala the corrigated paperbord industry (no wheels. How do you have fun with that?):


aaaaand you can go all the way, four wheels:


and : http://57chevnut.smugmug.com/Competitions/Cub-Scout-Push-Cart-Race/1902399_mBWhnW/95994936_GTKa6#!i=95994936&k=GTKa6


Way back when, we built a three wheel CubCar, but it proved to be dangerous. Pulled by rope, it could run over the "engines". Going round corners, it could slingshot the "driver" out. Brakes were the feet of the driver. Not the best design.

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And here we are planning our Pack Day Camp and including the Cub Mobiles from the Bear Book as the highlight of the program....


Are we going to ban the boys from completing a requirement in the book?


I do admit that the safety belt seems to have been added just to make people feel better instead of for any real benefit.

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