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Best August Pack Activity

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we are planning our second annual inter-pack field day. We have a couple of packs in our area that the leaders are friends and we have camped at summer camp together, so a field day of kickball, frisbee golf, water baloon tosses, water baloon fights, snacks and freeze pops and LOTS OF WATER!!!!! was born, the boys have so much fun and it is in one of our local parks so we hang the Pack banner and have a couple apps. . .

Just before freeze pops, we line up the boys in the designated water baloon area, do a patrol line so cleanup takes 5-10 minutes and they find more than just the broken water baloons.

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We are going to play "psycho Golf" !


It's an indoor minerature golf course in a former dept store in the mall.


But it's pitch black except the black lights and everything is dayglow and neon colored.


Can't say for anybody else, but August is the prime humidity season in Eastern NC.



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We do a "welcome back pack" potluck. Pack provides the main course, each den is assigned a side dish/dessert/drinks. we do a slide show of the previous year, hand out awards earned over the summer, and get out information on recruitment nights, upcoming September activities (popcorn, ugh), and recognize boys who have done things over the summer that help the community. Things like that.


New boys are welcome at the event--that's how my son was drawn in. LOL


It's so hot and humid here, and we need to do an indoor event--we save the outdoor ones for October-March. (hooray for Florida)

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August we are back to school the first week,

so it's time for recruiting and staring up a new year of scouting.


We might do stomp bottle rockets this year if I can get someone besides me to make the pvc thing.


Otherwise our favorite for recruiting was an actual roundup/cowboy theme.


everyone came in and iced a twinkie green and stuck pretzel rods into the twinkies to be cactus. ate their snack.

then we did a quick flag ceremony welcome everyone, passed out new member packets to everyone in attendance and then broke out for games.

we had roping with a fake steer head and someone who knows how to rope to teach the kids

and milking (sawhorse with rubber gloves stapled underneath with water and poke holes in the gloves and go to town. race your friend to see who can milk the cow fastest.

pictures on a fake horse with real saddle and cowboy hat and leather vest.

and then a few other run around drive the grown ups nuts games.


It was LOUD so very hard to tell parents how to register their kids, or answer their questions. we did try to get them to go into the next room from the cafeteria to fill out paperwork but they wanted to see their kids have a blast.


gathered everyone back together and gave them some homemade trail mix with a silly saying about cub scouts is like trail mix.

had existing scouts since ghost chickens in the sky.

and that was that.


The pack went from 3 scouts with visiting helpers from another pack to 30 that night.


It was just corny enough that kids had a blast and adults liked it too.


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We have weekly summer activities to keep the boys connected to the Pack and reduce the number of boys dropping out over the summer. We have kickball games, volleyball games, hikes, Minute-to-Win-It Night, blueberry picking and a blueberry social that same evening, and ulimate frisbee games. We also had a pizza/bowling party at the end of the school year. Those weeks that there is local day camp or the Pack goes to resident camp, we do not have another weekly gathering.

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With many of our boys out of town (one out of country), we just did the local minor league Baseball team Scout night. The majority of boys who were in town showed up and had a blast!


Those were some great ideas, will try some of them next year.

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