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Adult Leader Uniforming

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I'm going to try to reactivate this thread about uniforms and what to do with them.

  First question. Do female den leaders still wear the yellow blouse?  I am not connected with a unit and don't know any well enough to hand over things. I have both female and male uniforms of various types and sizes. 

So I need your suggestions in what to do with them,


I haven't seen anyone wearing the yellow for quite a while.

but folks can still wear vintage stuff if they want.


If I were you and had the time, i would consider posting them for sale on ebay.  Might find a collector and make a couple bucks.


Vintage seems like such a niche thing that just finding a local unit to donate them to seems like it would be a lost cause.... most folks may not appreciate the vintage stuff, and it might end up unappreciated an in the trash.... just my gut feel.

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 Three of my boys wore vintage (1960) uniforms to the Centennial Jamboree.  I have mine that I wear occasionally with all the correct patches, too.

I'd say half my boys wear uniform pants that have red piping on the mule-ear pockets.

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The first goal should be your "PROGRAM", regardless of anything else.    That is what Scouting (Cub or Boy) is about, what will keep the boys in Scouting, what will gain them the benefits.

As to uniforms, in the mean time,  if you have a hard time getting them uniformly uniformed, try this:     Get everyone a neckerchief and a standard Tshirt.  Make it two.   They can wear them to school., too.  This is not too expensive, the necker is , after all, the one iconic thing a Scout wears. You do not need to buy a new necker for each rank, don't let the BSA tell you different.  . You can even design your own and some talented parent  can make them !  As the Pack saves up their money, get everyone their uniform shirt at the same time.  If you tie the fund raisers (no, you don't HAVE to sell popcorn) to uniform and badge buying, I bet the boys and their parents will support it.  Car washes, community yard work, bake sales,  hotdog cookouts after church, whatever works.

Along the way, celebrate the successes, correct the problems.  


Keep on Scouting!

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While not an immediate solution for a cash strapped unit or their families, but in our case the pack buys and presents the correct rank neckerchiefs at our June function (when the Scouts rank level is "promoted").  At the May meeting we collect all of them back at the end of the meeting so we can launder and iron them to be ready for presenting to the next group at the June function.  New joining Scouts get theirs when then officially join.


Families/Scouts that lose one become responsible for replacement.  The pack swallows the loss if the family leaves the program without turning one in.


Overall, this is a very cost effective solution.

As for Slides, save the money, skip the official ones (this IS officially allowed for Cubs BTW), and make some at the first den or pack meeting.

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