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Looking for some help with SCOUTER.COM?

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Are you addicted to reading SCOUTER.com forums? Could you summarize the discussions and resources here in a weekly blog post of a few paragraphs? Would you like to earn a few extra bucks each month for helping produce a compelling summary?


There are dozens of great discussions and contributions to the forum going on, and sometimes it can be hard to quickly find the best stuff.


And -- believe it or not -- not everyone sits on the site 14 hours a day scouring Scouting stuff.


So, we're looking for a talented editor that can craft compelling content to highlight new topics, point out particularly poignant posts, and can provide a couple of cogent, fun paragraphs with links back to SCOUTER.com threads and posts worth checking out.


If you're interested in this gig, how about sending a sample to publisher@SCOUTER.com?


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Sorry Scouter-Terry.. I would love to help, I do rack up alot of time on this forum. But, I know with some threads I get very bias, I do not think I would write something up that wasn't slanted. The next thing I know I would be the topic on the forum, of how I slandered someone and took their words out of context..

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You're right, MooseTracker... we want someone that can summarize the forums in a interesting and positive way to share with people that might not be reading them thoroughly.


The right candidate(s) will be helping me behind the scenes, though, and not necessarily known to the public.

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  • 8 months later...

American Heritage Girls good. No, they're evil and bigoted.


No they aren't. Yes they are.


Only bad Christians think they are OK.


That's not true. Yes, it is.


This thread sucks. That's true.





How's that for a summary of 250+ posts?






I think applicants for this position should post some summaries of their own so we can all help judge.



Always glad to be of help.





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