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The pilot phase is closed now, but the program is anticipated to be rolled out at the national meeting later this month. Pilot Councils received the initial program information from here:



There is also a facebook link here:



I was an advisor for 7 Cubs and 1 Venturer during the pilot. We will be presenting her with the Super Nova at the Council's annual meeting in 2 weeks. Please note that what is on the website now may be changing as all participants were surveyed and adjustments to the requirements will likely be made before the official release.



David Olson

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I am very excited about this program! Just looking over the requirements for Science Everywhere!, we already have plans in place that meet all these requirements. My family has a strong bias towards STEM topics anyway, so this is perfect for us.


I thought it interesting that the Supernova requires working with someone who is essentially a merit badge counselor.


"To earn the Cub Scout Supernova award, you must be a Bear or Wolf Cub Scout who is active with a den. With your parent's and unit leader's help, you must select a council-approved mentor who is a registered Scouter. You may NOT choose your parent or your unit leader (unless the mentor is working with more than one youth)."


Any ideas on how these mentors will be selected and tracked by council?

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This is a program still in development. I have pieced together the following information:


Nova - counselors guide Scouts earning Nova awards. They do not have to be in a STEM field.


Supernova - Mentors guide Scouts earning Supernova awards and MUST be in a STEM field. Mentors will be trained - with a training module that is still being developed, and registered with the Council. It is supposed to be similar to a merit badge councilor but a different form that will be found at scouting.org/stem by the end of August.

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I am still trying to evaluate the changes from the Pilot to the released program. The kids did enjoy it. The Venturer I worked with wants to go for the Silver SN now - trying to understand where she is due to the changes... The Webelos I started with have to wait untill they get First Class to continue. I wish they could at least do Nova and wait for FC to do Supernova...



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Our district had a Cuboree that focused on STEM and did activities that completed some of the requirements for the first module. The kids enjoyed it (except the presenter that discussed the scientific method to 1st-4th graders, "So from my data, I can conclude that my hypothesis was essentially incorrect." Thankfully the next event was on levers that the kids got to try out and do things.


Since we started working on the NOVA award, my son and I watched a PBS Nova TV episode "Making Stuff: Stronger" to work on the next module. Since he's in his military interest phase, this was perfect since the show starts out on an aircraft carrier and talks about the material properties of arresting gear cable. Fast forward to the end of the show and I ask him, "So what are two questions that you thought of about the show?" I'm thinking he's going to ask about carrier ops that have nothing to do with the show, but instead he asks, "Why is everything made out of atoms?" Took me awhile to pick my jaw off the ground.

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Hi, loving this Stem/Nova program. We did TechTalk in a small group of Bears. I made them aware that they will not receive these awards until the make rank next year, so we are slowly working on their achievements. Unfortunately, our council does not have any mentors, if these boys wish to achieve supernova. My husband found the book at the scout shop, and the requirements online closely reflect what is in the book. However, the book gives more guidance to the counselor on how to achieve the module's objectives.


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So do the scouts qaulify for the award after completing one of the 4?


So if my boy does the Science everywhere he gets the patch, then completes the 1-2-3 portion and gets the pin??


He seems like he's interested in it right now and want him to get started on it so he doesn't lose that fire.



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