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Pack Treasurer position

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Personally I'm agin requiring 2 signatures on checks.


It's burdensome and slows up payments. Banks will process checks even if only one signature is on it.


My #1 security suggestion is to have the checking account statement mailed directly to a reliable Committee member such as the Committee Chair to review before passing it on to the Treasurer. That's a far better double check on whats going on, in my view.


I will be taking over as Pack Treasurer as soon as the current treasurer makes time for the transfer.

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In my opinion, in the interest of transparency/full disclosure, the Treasurer should definitely be registered as an adult leader. I was surprised to learn recently that there is no formal "Treasurer" position and that our Treasurer is simply a Committee Member.


It's a position that's as important as Cubmaster and Committee Chair in my opinion. We have budget updates at each (mostly) monthly Leaders/Committee meeting where each deposit and expenditure is reported. I like to ensure that we look legit should a parent ever question where funds are going, and having our Treasurer registered is a step in the right direction.


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My plan is to e-mail out Quicken reports that detail assets, liabilities, deposits and checks.


Also, we are using Scout Accounts for popcorn sales, so accounts would be set up for each participating family and the balance on the Scout Account listed.


That's my plan, anyway.

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