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BSA Membership Cards

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Not surprising blw2 that you don't. Briefly, every scout, parent or leader that fills out a BSA application gets a small membership card like a driver's license. It has your ID number that useful for things like online training and council forms. Neither my son's Troop or Pack gave them out due to the number of scouts they had. Leaders usually got theirs because they needed the number on various forms.


Don't hesitate to ask for it now that you know. I wished now I knew as I could use it as proof I was a member because of my knot awards. I now have to make a special trip to research the paper archives to 'find' my proof that I was a den leader 20 some years ago as my computer scouting record is not complete. I would like a veteran patch and we need the correct years for it. There is a big difference between 20 and 9.. *smiles


Forewarning.. If you do ANY trainings, make sure you get your training card. Sometimes those trainings don't make it to the computer and your card is your proof. I keep mine in a ziploc snack bag.. *winka

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