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Do you have a pack meeting every single month?

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Specialty events ARE the pack meeting for the month.

So the derby is a pack meeting with a big game involved, give awards at beginning or when announcing the winners of each den.


Blue and gold is certainly a BIG pack meeting with usually lots of awards, but maybe not big on the games.


We have spring break in the middle of the month so it doesn't impact the pack meeting that is at the end of the month.


if we have a campout, that is our pack meeting and we give awards at the campfire program sat night.


In June we go to daycamp as a pack, and then have some kind of get wet and play games pack activity (for the summertime pack award) and we give out day camp awards. often it's at the public pool, or a park with a splash pad or water balloon fights or ice cream social.


In July we try to do something indoors as it's very HOT in phoenix in July. so we like to do a museum or the AZ Science Center. It's our pack activity for the summer, and there are usually no awards, but they could be given at the beginning of the day when we first get there or when we meet to eat lunch together. It's an all day thing with incredibly cheap group tickets ($6 per person instead of about $20 for regular admission so we get BIG turn out).


In August, our schools start back so we've already had roundup--if we wait too late the kids get involved in fall sports and we don't snag them in time to join scouts. and we've started den meetings for a week or two and have a pack meeting before Labor day. It is often something like a train race(build wooden trains) or a cheap raingutter regatta race to build a heap of excitement for the year with new scouts.


so yeah, in one way or the other we have some kind of pack meeting every month, but they are often untraditional, not stand up on stage and give out awards type events.




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Every month.

August: Bounce back to Scouting (games, some awards, but mainly sign-ups)

September: regular meeting

October: Hobo dinner (bobcat face painting, potluck dinner)

November: regular meeting

December: regular meeting, but heavy on games/holiday themed activities

January: PWD

February: B&G

March: Crossover meeting

April: regular meeting

May: ice-cream social

June and July: eeehhh...we have an official activity, but it is VERY difficult to get people to show up. Summer months people travel A LOT around here.


Edit: regular meetings still entail at least 2 or 3 games, activities, or arts and crafts on a rotation basis. Not just stand on a stage and make announcements and give out awards.(This message has been edited by momof2cubs)

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We don't have pack meetings in June, July and August, but we do have pack-wide activities including resident camp and twilight camp. Special events like Pinewood and B&G are the pack meetings for that month. Pinewood is held on our regular meeting night. B&G might be our regular meeting night, or it might be on a Saturday. Depends on the schedule and what the leadership decides.

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We do. At our pack meetings, we try to have some special event and theme. One month was on emergency prepardness/safety; at another, we had the local zoo come in with some exotic animals.

Usually our themes are:

August is our "welcome back pack" dinner.

Sept starts off popcorn

Oct is for Cubaree

Nov is for ?

Dec, we have Santa visit

Jan is ?

Feb is PWD

March is crossover/camp cards

April is ?

May is Cake Bake


Then we try to have our pack meetings June/July.

We do something (last year, we only managed one meeting, at a minor league baseball game...bad planning on our part). This year, we are doing baseball again, and then either ice or roller skating or bowling for the other.

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howarthe.......the question your asking???????


I gots to know Famous movie line



Have you been trained for your position??????? Most if not all of these sorts of question are covered during the training.



to answer your question our Pack holds special outings during the summer and no official Pack meetings. fishing derby, evening hikes, creeking with the naturalist, howl hikes, owl hikes, water derby, stomp rockets. ect...

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This is a really refreshing thread.


answer is no, and for a while we felt really bad about that. (We thought we were the only ones that didn't do 9 pack meetings a year.) We haven't had the gung ho CM that we need to pull off more. We have 3-4 a school year.


But like 5year we have many pack wide events that serve as pack meetings (many of them even have awards at the end). (We can gather up more energy for special events from our non-den leader volunteers.)


-- AK

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If you aren't meeting every month, and want to, make it a goal to meet more often and perhaps count some big events as pack meetings.


We meet in:

September--housing and school assignments are usually straightened out by then.


November/December is combined due to so many people splitting for both holidays


February is PWD and B&G



May--crossover bonfire

June--try to do a campout or other activity before school ends and people PCS, go back to the States for the summer, or go on leave

July--have a meet up

August--another meet up. Most people are back by mid-August, plus we have a ton of new people incoming and completely up in air about housing and school assignment. We have a community wide fair for all our organizations.

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Every month, from September thru May most dens meet three times, and the entire Pack meets once. Sometimes we will also have additional Pack-wide activities during those months (hike, corn maze, hockey game, etc).


For the months of June-August, we do 1-3 Pack-wide activities, per month (kite fly, picnic, fishing derby, campout, summer camp, rocket shoot, etc).

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Every school month except February, which instead is Blue/Gold. May's Pack Meeting is year-end picnic (same stuff, but with dinner and a larger outside activities). Summer months have an activity (usually a sport, a service project, and Raingutter Regatta) on the regular meeting night, but no pomp/ceremony.


However, next month I was trying to set up a tour for my Bear/Tiger dens (the two dens have 4 sets of brothers, so they meet in the same building in different rooms). But the only day available at the TV studio was our Pack Meeting evening, so we're having an "on-location" Pack Meeting and bringing the other two dens with us.

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We have pack meetings every month, even in February and during the summer. June and July pack meetings are usually held at the local park so the kids can go on a hike. In August, we have a pool party in lieu of the pack meeting. September is our popcorn kickoff. October is a carry-in to welcome new cub scouts. We make Thanksgiving Day cards in November to hand out at a nursing home. Santa comes to pass out pinewood derby cars in December. The rest of the pack meetings are open to special visitors, projects, playing games, learning, etc.

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We do something every month as a pack this was this years plan

Jan Indoor swiming

Feb B&G

Mar Pinewood

April Fishing Derby

May Family picnic

June Bike ride

July Semi Pro Baseball game & campout/Daycamp

Aug Pack swim

Sept Roller skating/Webelos campout

Oct Pack Campout

Nov Bowling/Belt loop day

Dec Christmas Party

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The original poster asked if we have meetings every month. I'm not sure 100% what is meant, but if you use the traditional concept of meetings ... no. We use the traditional meeting structure in Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Apr & May.


BUT ... we have at least one "pack" event every month. Feb is our B&G. Similar to a pack meeting but much bigger. March is pinewood derby (another big event).


The key though is that every month we have something at the "pack level" available. I think we target two things a month at the pack level. Often a combination of meetings, service, camp or some type of special event.


Looking over the last year... We had six service events. Seven traditional meetings. Two or three "parties" (halloween, B&G, etc). Two pack family camps. Two council run camps. Several pack level "go see it" type of events.


Not everyone will do everything. Leaders don't have to be at everything. But an active calendar drives an successful pack. :)

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We have a pack meeting 10 months out of the year (no June or July).


We have almost 100 Cub Scouts (about 65 that are active and earning awards), so just handing out awards to the boys takes 30 minutes. Our Pack Meetings have been pretty slow because of that, and I'm working on some solutions (moving some awards to den meetings, etc.), but we also do skits, songs, and occasionally guest speakers. We do a pack meeting in nearly every month even when we have a special event.


August: Ice Cream Social and recruitment kickoff

September: regular pack meeting with popcorn sales kickoff

October: regular pack meeting

November:regular pack meeting with added Popcorn awards (and I usually take a pie in the face from the top seller)

December: no pack meeting, but we go caroling at a VA hospital

January: regular pack meeting (Pinewood Derby is a separate event)

February: Blue and Gold (no regular pack meeting; we only give out rank awards and some special awards)

March: short regular pack meeting plus Webelos Crossover

April: regular pack meeting with special guest, held outdoors

May: Pack graduation campout, pack meeting at campfire.


No pack meeting in June or July, but we do 1 monthly activity (swimming party, bowling, Scout night at local minor league baseball park, ice skating, etc.) in addition to twilight camp and cub/webelos resident camp in June and July).


We also have monthly hikes, 4-5 campouts (including 2 council and district events), a bike rodeo, a disc golf "tournament", and a few other events. We are a super active pack (and it wears a Cubmaster out!).




Steven Jarvis

Cubmaster, Pack 46

Fayetteville, Arkansas


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