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Uniform Inspection By Commissioners

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If a UC, DE, or any other district or council level 'offical' showed up at my pack meeting #1 univited and #2 attempted to conduct a uniform inspection or anything else that disrupts OUR meeting or would put a cub on the spot or potentially embarras him, I would be showing extreme self constraint to keep it down to Basement's actions.


I would likely call him / her out in front of the scouts and parents (hey he's calling out the boys, right?), then I'd publically dis-invite them, then I'd follow up with a not so scout-like phone call to the DE and CE the next morning!


Basement, I don't blame you one bit - I would have acted the same.

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While I also know some commissioners who would fail uniform inspections, especially my fellow CS RT commissioners who wear all the RT doodads all the time, Just remember that some of us old bogeys have been around so long that some of the insignia are no longer included in the IG, or if the rules are in the IG the item in question predates the rule.


I have a BROWNSEA strip on one of my uniforms that I haven't seen on a uniform in ages, it goes between the CSP and the vet bar if worn or unit number if no vet bar is worn ( FYI I emailed M. Walton that his info is incorrect with the documentation).


Also know district scouter who has a bunch of patches on his red jac shirt. Look closely and you will find none younger then 1969 or 70 if memory serves. All patches are prior to the restriction on patches on jac shirts.

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Nothing that subtle, I'm talking lack of uniform pants, pins all over and badges in the wrong place. I truly appreciate their enthusiasm for the program, just saying that I don't worry that they are authorities on uniforming and patch placement.


I'm a big fan of proper uniforming, but not of inspections. Wear the uniform correctly and encourage people to follow suit in a positive tone. Personally I'm thinking we might have an event just to help people sew on patches at the end of the year. My pack generally does ok, but I've seen lots of kids with ranks on the wrong pocket in other scout units. I attended a court of honor last week where a Scout had his merit badge sash sewn backwards. I felt bad for him. Hopefully between him and his parents they redo it before the next COH.

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That's just silly (I'm thinking of another adjective but it's not appropriate): a UC doing a uniform inspection on a pack! Really?!


As a new, and I'll be it green, UC I won't think of conducting a uniform inspection. It's not my place to do that! There's nothing in JTE requiring any quota on uniforming so what would be the point?!!


Besides we're there to SUPPORT our units not badger them.

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Agreed fireagle29, it's not linked to JTE or commissionar awards (Arrowhead, Key, etc.). It may be on the unit service plan (i.e. monthly tasks to be done by a commissioners, a helpful hints sheet for "I have to visit them for their monthly visit, but have nothing for them this month").


For my assigned toop, I've made no mention of uniform inspection. I didn't think it was necessary as the SPL/ASPL conduct one during roll call (one point for each uniform item + handbook, usually 9 pts max). My DC says I could just say "observed SPL perform uniform inspection."


For my pack, I didn't bring it up until a committee meeting where the leaders mentioned that the uniform standards in the pack were slipping (pack requires waist up + belt, most leaders just wear shirts and the pack reimburses the shirt cost). They wanted boys showing up to receive awards in uniform and that was not happening. I offered the commissioner's inspection as a way to help them. They may take me up on it. I will talk to them at the next committee meeting.


it's been mentioned above, so I'll reemphasize: an important part of unit visits in good manners. I never appear unannounced (unless it's a district event). I always send an email a few days before.

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It's been a long time since I did UC training, but if memory serves one of the things that UCs do is an annual uniform inspection. That's why my district incorporated the inspection as a camporee event.


But the keys here are communicate with the unit leaders, don't just spring up on them, and BE POSITIVE.


Give you an example from last nite. One of the Cubs in my pack had his WC in the wrong place, as well as his new Wolf patch in the holder. I talked to him and his parents, corrected the Wolf patch with a joke, " just because they put your advancment bag with the Bears by accident, doesn't mean you get to wear your Wolf badge where the Bear badge goes." And for the WC i just pointed out where it goes, what it means, and that it's the one badge that every scout wears. Again being positive.


Oh and I congratulated him on getting his Wolf badge.

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A UC's job is to make sure units are running smoothly, help them get through the rechartering process, and help with clarifying BSA policies and procedures. They are an extension of the council to each unit. First and foremost they are guests to the unit, usually uninvited, and that always create an immediate tension among the unit leaders. To tell or demand that the unit leaders allow him/her to conduct a uniform inspection is a surefire disaster in the making, they are NOT uniform police nor should they ever want to be.

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