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Question for Bob White

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I was doing research on the duties of the Advancement Coordinator and came upon one of your posts and it brought up the following question.

You wrote:

"If the SPL was allowed to choose his ASPL and all other troop offices (there are a couple exceptions such as Troop Guides and JASM, that the SM should do) he would have scouts who he wants to work with, and who want to work with him."


It was my understanding that all youth leadership postions were either elected or appointed by the SPL with the help of the SM. The following is from the Scoutmasters Handbook "Unless otherwise indicated, the senior patrol leader selects the Scout who will hold each position." My question is this - who has the authority to appoint a Troop Guide?


Also it would be helpfull if you could provide any references to the duties of the Advancement Chair.



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Hi Paul,


I should not have included Troop Guide in that statement. The Scoutmasters Handbook and the Senior Patrol Leader Handbook give the responsibility of selecting Troop leadership positions to the elected Senior Patrol Leader using the advice and counseling of the Scoutmaster. The one exception is JASM (Junior Assistant Scoutmaster) which both resources say require the consent of the Scoutmaster.


Two good resources for understanding the job of the Troop Advancement Chair are "Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures" manual, and "The Troop Committee Guide".


Best of Luck,

Bob White(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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