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What do I do now?

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I would continue to do a few things;


1) Find that organized, even mannered, Assistant Cubmaster. Quickly indentify that person and aggressively court them.


2) Make sure that you have an active Commmittee. Give your Cubmaster assistance by filling the positions of Activities, Fundraising, and Public Relations. This will give him someone to help plan and coordinate pack events, fundraisers, and service projects. It will create 2 people responsible for that carolling that went bad.


3) Make sure that the program staff and committee understand what you expect from the different positions. I know that the responsiblities can be found on the web, but prepare a list and talior that to your individual unit and expectations.


4) Meeting monthly, prior to your Pack Meeting, as a Leadership team. Have a written agenda. Have your Cubmaster share the plan for the meeting (who will be doing skit, flags, clean-up/set-up and what the purpose will be.)

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Personally, I'd be out recruiting a new committee chairman so you can slide in as CM. More folks have the ability to manage a small volunteer group, fewer understand the Scout program and have an aptitude for working with the boys.


Til then, one of the ways you drive this using the committee is to make sure all the plans are clearly communicated to the committee and all adult leaders. If everyone is aware of the plans, it is far easier for a DL or another parent to execute the plans when your CM flakes out on you again.

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I agree with TwoCub. There are lots of people who might be willing to do "behind the scenes" stuff, but who would die at the thought of m.c.'ing a Pack meeting.


I know when I read the description of CM (vs that of CC, especially, since our Pack needed both), I said, "That's for me!"


I get the feeling from my scarylady CC that she'd just as soon be CM too, which sounds like your one-man-show kind of thing. You have to have SOME checks and balances!


I'm really hoping you can find a fun, involved-most-of-the-time parent who, while they may not want to make phone calls or be up in front of people, if they were Asst CM, they could just be the "back-up" for events.


Also, if there's another adult going, "Hey, Joe. Are we meeting at the church, or at the nursing home? And what's the plan?", then the CM would be forced to go, "Ohhh, yeaaaah," and held accountable.



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