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Extremely Rude Popcorn Sale Behavior!

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The popcorn store front crap has nothing to do with the district committee.


Just rude adult scouters.



Our schools and surround homes are in an area of urban blight, All of the stores were forced out long ago because of theft, robbery and no profits.


Our home school base is bounded by 8 lane highways on all sides. Rich folks to the north, South, more poor folks east and west. The poor folks get along pretty well, but if we cross the highway north or south. They get pretty up set with us.

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For most folks, a Cub Scout uniform is a Cub Scout uniform. Matters not if the Cub is from Pack XJ or Pack QS.


"" So we are about five weeks into popcorn sales in our council and ...""


"Dad! Dad! There's some Cub Scouts selling popcorn to the Sullivans next door!"

"So? Didn't I tell you our Pack was selling Popcorn? Did you get out last night like I told you?"

"Well, yeah, but no, and... It isn't from our Pack! They ain't from our Pack!"

"They aren't? Well, they got some nerve. You get your uniforms own. Hurry up! This wouldn't have happened if you'd got out after dinner like I told you to! You kids never listen. Get going!"

"HEY! YOU! " "YOU ARE ENCROACHING ON OUR TERRITORY1 GET OUT OF HERE! "Come on, Earl, Kevin, get your butts out of here and take these order forms with you. Here, don't forget your pencil. Get down to the Franklins and Hernandez houses. They haven't been there yet. See? You missed the first houses in the street. I told you to get out there last week! Now GET!"


Maybe I could embellish it and send it off to SCOUTER, wadya think?

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We did our 1st show and sale at a local home improvement center. I asked way in adavance to see if if we could do one and if they had any other units for this date and time.

Answer no we had the okay. call a couple days prior to sale to double check, still everything fine.


We get there very early and start selling about 2hrs into and near the end, and local troop pulls up and starts saying to us this was there spot for last 3 years and they was going to talk to manager, told go right ahead they said we could be there.

Manager came out talk to me and was polite and said they double booked the event and lady was making a sceen and NOBODY HAD RIGHTS TO SELL HERE!!!!

He said to go ahead and stay and tell other unit they could have it next weekend.

I gave the lady a option that could by us out and we would leave only had $150 left to sale. She decline we did take her # down and called her as soon as we were done so she could come back.



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Our pack ended up being double-billed at a home improvement store with a local troop one year. We were the second ones to ask, and the troop even had a letter from the store when they asked. After all that, they still offered us a door. VERY scout-like behavior. We politely thanked them for the offer, but moved on because it was rightfully theirs. Two years later that troop got four boys from my den instead of the troop we were supposed to be feeding. Just goes to show, you never know.


Not to mention the place we moved on to that day did a couple hundred dollars better than we would have ever imagined getting at the start of the day. :)


Side note, different year, different event. Scouting for Food. Yes, a service project. Our CM lives in a place we never tried before, and she never saw a scout collecting since she lived there. So of course a couple of Scouters from a local troop saw a few of our boys dropping off bags and proceeded to yell at the boys about how this had been "their territory" for years and they weren't allowed to collect food there. Even better, the CM got a call from the DE that afternoon because of the complaints he received from the Scouters. DE is a good guy, so he just told the CM all was good, and thanks for the community service and that he would handle the blowhards.


And no, this troop did not receive any scouts from our pack. You reap what you sow.

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