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Official BSA application

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I have been required to fill out an application for the following positions


Den leader, multiple times for multiple Packs

Assistant CM



ASM , multiple times for multiple troops

Merit Badge Councilor

Crew Adviser


I was Program Director for day camp, staffing Baloo, OWL and IOLS no application.



I wonder if it is a local council thing or not.


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We don't require members of our district training staff to be registered as members of the district committee. Only the Training Chair and the training coordinators for Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and Venturing are the registered members of the district committee. Similarly, we have dozens of people on the Activities and Civic Service Committee. Only the Activities Chair, the Cub Activities coordinator and Boy Scout Activities Coordinator are registered on the District Committee. we're more worried about being "fully staffed" in the top positions of the various commitees, not so much about those providing service in Membership, Finance, Camping, Activities, or Training (what did I forget?).


The exception of course would be Unit Commissioners, where every one needs to be registered.


As to the online application, I could see it for leaders, but I understand not having it for youth members. I don't see a way to effectively use an online application at a joining event, and sending them home to fill out the application online risks not having them follow through.


Also, the data entry on the forms is done with a scanner, not by hand - that's why the application has a little box for every letter/number you fill in. Someone still checks them and feeds them into the scanner, but they haven't been individually typed in for several years now.


One thing I always do when filling out a multiple application or changing positions, is to write my current membership number on the form. That way an additional record doesn't get accidentally generated.

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I suspect that Districts who are requiring all of their training staff to be registered at the district level (as district committee members or members at large, I presume, since there really is no specific position for volunteer training staff) simply have trouble filling out their district committee roster and are using this as an excuse. There is no good reason that a scouter who is registered at the unit level cannot contribute at a district event.

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As the training chair asked to get the app from my trainers. I suspect you are right.. They did something that move any Unit Commissioner off the committee. Then want our committee with more then the District chairs for a position..


But, even if they fill out the paperwork no one but the district chairs ever show up to a meeting. No need to, we don't meet in specific groups. Just each go around the table and report for our position.


Reason why I am not so good about collecting the apps. I may ask once or twice, but I don't force the issue.

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Unit Commissioners, training staff, course directors, and camp/program directors are not part of the District Committee.


I have never been to a District Committee meeting in my life and I have held all of the above positions.


The only one I had to register for was Unit Commissioner.

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Basement, I can understand having to fill out additional applications for different units.


AS CM of pack 235, I am still a nobody to the CO or COR of pack 777.

I can totally understand the COR of pack 777 wanting me to fill out a new application - that the COR uses references on to do his own background check. I might pass BSA's bachground check, but not meet the standards or requirements of Pack 777.


I could pass a background check for BSA and still be an overbearing egotistical paramilitray type jerk that the CO doesn't want.


Same for trops, crews, etc.... I totally understand that.


But if they make you fill our multiple applications for different positions within the same unit..that does seem excessive to me.

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Ahhh.. but if you look at the on-line video about District committee meeting each group is suppose to be meeting with their "group".. at different tables while the DE & DC walk around to see how they are doing..


Our group doesn't, but it has been talked about doing it.. Thing is where we meet would not accomidate it.. It is a small room with 1 table.


Yeah I don't think the UC's are suppose to be there, but these guys were trying to do multi-jobs both as UC and helping on different committees for district, so they wanted to be at the district board also.

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