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Just what I needed to see...

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It's been a tough year, and we haven't really even started. Not to whine, complain, or anything else..but I'm tired. I had gotten to the point over this past weekend to drop the whole Pack, pull my son out and move to another unit. But then tonight happened.


I went to an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. My first, my son's first. It was a small ceremony. Maybe 30-40 family members and friends. But it was just what I needed to see. It made me forget about the budget, the calendar, the leaders, the fussy parents, the overwhelming demands of life OUTSIDE of Scouts, and everything else that had been getting me down. I'm glad I went...I'm glad my son went.


Being Cubmaster has been my best friend and my worst enemy. It has facilitated some of my proudest moments and caused some of the most bitter arguments that I have ever been involved in. My son has been furious at me, a couple of times, for "ignoring" him and putting the needs of the Pack over his need for a Dad who is involved with HIM. I sometimes feel that I will regret stressing so much over the Pack and putting so much responsibility on the Den Leader to help my son along...even though they both say it's ok.


I guess that God knows when you are at your weakest, because I was there. I feel like now I can move forward with renewed energy and make my third season (and last!) as CM our best.


I guess what I needed was to step back, observe, and not be (for once) at the podium cracking jokes, worrying about the schedule of events, and trying to make sure I didn't forget anything or one of the boys' names. I sat (out of uniform) near the back with my wife and son (he was IN uniform) and was just another guest. It gave me time, for the first time in a long time, to look at Scouting from the outside in...and it was great. The young man that got his Eagle tonight has a younger brother in MY Pack. I looked at him (the younger boy) and felt a REPONSIBILITY to continue on. To make sure that his parents have the opportunity to be proud of BOTH of their sons..but more importantly...that *I* will be able to stand with my son in a few years and share in this honor with him.


I guess I typed all of this to say this: If you are a CS leader (and most of us who read this forum are) I want you to know something if you're getting "burned out" like I was: Being a leader sucks sometimes. It sucks right often when you don't have the proper support in place to help. But...it's worth it. You may not see it now, or tomorrow, or the next day. I have had SEVERAL weeks here lately of feeling like quitting. But it gets better. Step back, refocus, and focus on the boys who want to be there those who will not, without your help, have the opportunity to achieve what I saw tonight.


Thanks for listening and get back to work. The job is huge and even more hugely important.


Let's go Scouting...

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Hello jamist,



Glad you found a second wind at the ECOH.



As a district volunteer, I undertook to revive a pack that was down to a single boy three years ago.


At present we have about sixteen boys and several good adult leaders.


I've notified the CC of my intention to leave as Cubmaster at the end of the year. I intend to continue providing some assistance to the pack, notably with spring and fall recruiting.


There ought to be sufficient leadership to allow the pack to continue and grow larger and more robust. But if not, I can't justify spending very large amounts of time keeping things going.


It's sink or swim time.


The district has a hole with no Cub Pack in it but substantial numbers of boys who could be served by a new pack. I might spend time getting a new pack started there.


There is a low income area where I live with no Cub pack, but which has substantial Boeing employment and headquarters for the Boeing Machinists Union in a fine building near by. I'd also consider starting a Cub Pack at the union headquarters, aiming to attract children of Boeing employees and children from the local community.


There might be the possibility of attracting union members into supporting a program for "their" Cub Scout ---- and perhaps Boy Scout program eventually. I found examples of that happening at a United Auto Workers union in Michigan that I investigated.


I'm sort of a Johnny Appleseed character for Cub Scouts! But once planted and tended, the saplings have to be able to grow on their own.



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I hear yah brother!


In my first year as CM, I had major doubts as to wether anything I was doing mattered.


Wasn't sure if the boys were getting anything out of what I was doing, didn't know if the other leaders liked wat I was doing or if I was helping them do their jobs.


Didn't know if the boys got anything out of it.


Lot's of doubt and lots of stress!



But at one pack campout - during a night hike - I had a Tiger Cub tell me I was his hero.


When I asked him why, he told me because ( using my words here) , unlike the other adults, I spoke to him instead of at him. I would ask them how they were doing when they arricved and asked them about home, school,etc. I would look at them and listen when talking to them, and I would luagh and joke with them too. PLus I wasn't too scared to get up and sing and dance with them at pack meetings.


After that, I started noticing that all the boys would run up to me before den and pack meetings and were always saying "Hey Mr Fisher" and wanting to hig five me or shake my hand..


Must have been lots of things that would have showed me they liked me, but I just didn't see them until after that boy told me I was his hero.

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