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Opinions on Showman Activity Pin

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I have a question about satisfying the requirements for the showman activity pin. My question is regarding a "one-act play." What's the difference between a "one-act play" and the skits we do several times a year? Is a skit a one-act play?

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Don't rush through Showman.


I did not think I would like this one, One of our parents, a broadcaster, took this one over. Once the boys warmed up to performing they had a blast and were really, really funny. Don't make them short cut it just to get it done. One act can still have characters and props come and go.


For some boys singing or performing in front of others is the equivalent of a mile swim or COPE for others. In front of boys and parents that they know they are more likely to try and build confidence. I think for the shy guys it is a biggie.


Of course some are real HAM's! They need control. They are usually the leaders' kid. :)


If creativity is a problem tell them to take a familiar story and make a new twist. Hollywood does it all the time. Our boys did 3 little pigs with the Wolf as a Ninja. It was a puppet show. The ultra slow motion recap of the fight scene was hilarious.

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Thanks guys. I'm not trying to rush Showman, just clarify. We are planning to do the whole puppet show thing as I think the boys will enjoy it and the pack gets a puppetshow stage out of it. But we need to expose the boys to other things too.

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Well, the difference is mostly in the eye of the beholder - or the pen of the writer.


A skit is usually less 5 minutes, humorous, satirical, and informal. Skits are generally performed at a club or in a classroom.


A one-act play would be 10 - 30 minutes (very general) and probably have more than one scene.


Of course, many modern writers have dispensed with any traditional use of scenes or acts at all. So a skit and a one-act play are _both_ plays of a type. The one act play generally follows the rules of formal theater with scene changes and a skit is much shorter, based on humor, and less than 5 minutes. Theater majors and others will likely have very definite ideas about each of these that are markedly different.


How to apply to Showman? You can check this website (http://www.jimmybrunelle.com/kidsplays.html) that has scripts for kids one act plays and see the difference in application.


Hope this helps!



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I can't imagine that tehre are sspecific time standards, but a 10 second skit probably won't do.


But if you ever watched Phil Hartman on SNL, you know that a 2 person SKIT could last as long as 10 minutes.


Skit..play..it's a grey are if you ask me.

If the scout tells a single knock knock joke, It really should qualify, but if it's a skit involving 3 or more scouts with several speaking lines...then who cares about the time frame.


Ultimately, it's your decision and your call. Who cares what we think? We aren't there to see it! :)

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There will be no "Scouting references" that define what the length a skit, or one act play, should be.


They are NOT Scouting specific terms.


The Webelos Showman Drama requirement is - "Write, put on, and take part in a one-act play."


A Webelos can't fulfill the requirement if he (or his den leader) does not know what a one-act play is. That is part of the learning process for this badge.


Ask your local high school (or community college) drama teacher to help with the drama part of the activity badge.

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