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I was recently asked if I wanted to take on the added responsibilities of Pack Trainer. I've heard of this position, and I researched it a little, but I figure the people that live it would know more.


What is involved in this position? What would I need to do to train for this? Is it a Council or District training or an online training?


Any other info would be greatly appreciated. This particular position is new to me, so I'm flying blind at the moment.

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I'm a Pack Trainer, as well as a member of our district Cub Scout training staff.


There is a classroom training syllabus for the position, but in our really large district, we've never had more than one person at a time take it. Many districts don't offer it, because the population of Pack Trainers is so low. The online training is the equivalent, and I felt like it does a good job.


As Pack Trainer, you keep all the leaders in pack up to date on upcoming training opportunities, and set a goal of getting 100% of your leaders (including Committee Members) trained.


You keep the records of who has what training, and remind them when they need to renew things like Youth Protection and Safe Swim Defense.


For the computer impaired, you can help them set up accounts on MyScouting.org, so they can do the training online.


In my pack, I assist the Cubmaster with new parent orientations and den leaders with den parents meetings.


Since I'm a member of the district training staff, I will sometimes conduct personal coaching (one-on-one training) with a leader who can't make it to a classroom session. Your ability to do this will depend on the cooperation of your district training chair, and how they feel about Pack Trainers.


What else can I answer for you?

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That is an excellent reply, and I truly appreciate it.


Should help me out a lot with my decision. We're a small pack, so I shouldn't have trouble picking this up in addition to my other roles. If we get more leaders, though, I will have to choose between roles.


Thank you for your help.

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While the training for a Pack Trainer is online at MyScouting in the E-Learning section - I would recommend you complete not only that training -- but the training for every pack position - CM/CA, Committee, and the various Den Leaders.


I say this so that you will have all the "background" you need to be a successful trainer. Now, down here, we don't have Train-the-Trainer or Pow-wows, so we have substituted EDGE Training for that requirement in order to be considered "Trained" as a Pack Trainer. I suggest you check with your District Training Chair to see what the procedure is in your part of the country.


(No EDGE hating please -- just a statement of fact.)


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