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Making a Pack Flag

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Our pack (3 years old) is finally looking to get a Pack Flag (as well as have the Dens make their own flags this year)


My wife has volunteered to make the flag rather than purchase the stock nylon one. I would prefer it to look as close to the "official" one as possible.


First off: Is this allowed? I can't imagine that it would be frowned upon (a Scout is Thrifty), but I want to be certain before I give her the go-ahead.


Second: The insignia in the center. I don't see that particular one for sale online, but that doesn't mean it isn't available. If it isn't, does anyone have any ideas for it?


I'm hoping to have the flag be 2 sided, and I know she will do a fantastic job; but I also would love any pointers you may have.



Asst Cubmaster

Asst Pack Committee Chair

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The "Jumbo Emblems" would be the largest Cub Scout emblem offered. However, I believe it is a stick on label, not cloth.


If your wife is handy, she might try enlarging, and transferring, the image to two pieces of fabric.



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Last year I made a 3'x5' Flag for our Troop at Summer Camp. Our regular Troop Flag is about 30 yrs old so we want to be careful with it.


The Flag we made was nylon with nylon letters ironed on. The center was a gold nylon Fleur De Lese(?). We wanted to have something close to scouting but wanted to avoid any copywrite issues.


The flag was a huge success and had many positive comments from other Troops at our Council Fall Camporee.


Again, we only use it at camp. We use or real flag for meetings and Courts of Honor.


If you do made your own flag, I'd recommend using another design for the center.


Good Luck.

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wanted to have something close to scouting but wanted to avoid any copywrite issues.

You don't have a copyright issue. As a BSA chartered unit, you are authorized to use logos, etc for program prurposes. You can download the files from the national website. Where units run into trouble, and what you might be thinking of, is when units use commercial outfits that are not licensed by BSA to produce shirts, hats, etc. with official logos. National gets upset because they are supposed to get a licensing fee from these for-profit businesses for using the logo. That is not implicated if the unit hand makes its own items.

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A pack flag is $48. Will the savings from the time and materials your wife will put into it really be that much?


I honestly don't know. I know the blank flag is $48 (ish), but I'm not sure about the lettering. I'll ask at the scout office tomorrow. My wife offered, so I'm inclined to let her do something she enjoys.

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I have always assumed that a make your own unit flag is frowned upon, if not forbidden. My rationale is the language about uniformity on the flag order form:




The other useful reference is the flag section of the Insignia Guide:




The central medallion with the wolf head is not available for separate purchase, and creating your own would be problematic.

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