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What kind of tent to get for a cub scout and suggstions?

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Depends on the rain.


Heavy thunderstorms, with tornado warnings/watches, no way.


Even all day downpours, nope.


With Cubs you are trying to spark an interest in camping in folks who, for the most part, are not campers. Your purpose is to make the experience as pleasant as possible so that they get hooked, and want to come back.




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Yeah, that's the thing : If it's just gonna be raining for an hour...maybe two for one day. then no biggie, we gan turn it into something fun such as a rain hike,. indoor activities ( there is usually some sort of shelter at any decent CUB scout camping area) or just down time.


But remember, we are talking about cubs. A weekend of constant rain will be a garanteed miserable time. That will put a huge black mark on their impression of scouting and camping. It doesn't even have to be normal or make sense..these boys have a bad time..it's set in stone.


The last 3 campouts we have had as a pack have been cut short due to bad ( tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms) weather. We don't run for the hills at the first prediction, but stay as long as we can do so while still being safe.


We do not want people packing up tents in wind gusts, hail or down pours, nor do we want people running into ditches or each other because you can't see 7 foot infront of your car.


But a simple 1 or 2 hour rain or sprinkle? Shoot, that has more appeal than a fresh mud puddle! :)



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I agree with the others and have done the same in the past. I actually recomend the $30-$40 tents that Big 5 and similar companies always has on sale. They are "regularly" $60 or $70 but one of them is always on sale for about $30-$40. They are all the same but different colors and I assume it has to do with frequency in advertising laws. They are about 8 X 8 and 5 feet tall. They are supposed to be 3 man but as noted, they are good for one man and gear or two kids. They seem to be much better than most of teh Walmart tents and teh size of the rainfly is just one of the differences. Our Troop uses them for all Jamboree style events and we have a bunch of them. They are not the most durable tent but with a little care and maintenance it will last well for a cub and if they manage to destroy it they are cheap. This is the one they have on sale this week: HI-TEC PATHFINDER 8 8' x 8' DOME TENT http://big5sportinggoods.shoplocal.com/big5/Default.aspx?action=browsepagedetail&storeid=2503823&rapid=1179991&pagenumber=1&listingid=-2083822171 . Don't buy a cub a "good" tent until he knows what it is he needs. Some boys love camping and go regularly with their families and a "good" tent makes sense but others are just getting into it and they need to figure out what it is they really need. We have about a half dozen tents and my sons (who are both Scouts now) each have their own but the younger one is still flailing while the older one has settled on a Swiss Gear that works well for him. They both maintain their own gear and both started with their own tents as Bears. JMO

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Hard to beat a $50 dollar Walmart tent for Cubbing. A Walmart tent today is 10 times better than the $200 tents we used 25 years ago. They are fine for Cub Scouting and will handle most Oklahoma rains fairly well. Maybe some leaks in the corners on the heavy down pours. Walmart domes will hand wind better than Temberlines. I personally think the Walmart two pole domes are a little easier to set up than my Timberline for young scouts. The advantage of the Timberline over the Walmart is that it will last a lot longer. But, the scout is likely ready to move on from his Walmart tent when he gets into the higher adventure of troop camping anyway.



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I have to agree with what Hawkrod said. An inexpensive tent for Cub Scouts is a good idea because one, it is likely to be abused (especially the zippers), and two, when they're ready to move up to a quality tent they will have a better idea of what to look for and they will appreciate it and care for it more. (I know that was the case with me).


Coleman makes some fairly inexpensive dome tents, and the quality is not terrible.





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We have the Wally's Ozark tents. They ARE very easy to put up; my Wolf ('Scuze me BEAR as of last night) can put up the 4-man (really 2 Cub) one with a buddy, with just a little supervision on getting the poles through the sleeves smoothly.


And the 6-man (read: 2 adult, 3 Cub) tent I was able to put up with just my son for help the first time I ever tried it (and I was a non-camper before joining Cub Scouts).


The rain flys COULD be bigger; I notice they *barely* cover the mesh. In blowing rain, water would likely get in some. But if you stake the tent down, and use the fly tie-downs right, they're just fine, as least for dry weather.


There was no way I could have afforded to pay any more than for the Wally's tents; they *should* get me and the boy through Cub Scouts (if we're careful), and then I'll get him a spiffier one for his Boy Scout adventures.

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Cub parents, most scout troops provide tenting....Just a note.



I made the same mistake....bought a huge tent for the families first one....before ya know it scout and daughter dont want to share our tent. The son tents with the troop, daughter has the girls tent on pack outings, momma and I share one.


I have a fairly large collection of tents.


The funny part is I have recently started hammocking when I go with the troop. Comfort is the main reason. Cooler in the summer

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Okay, I have a question about the hammocking:


What about bugs and insects? You coat yourself with repelant or do you have some sort of sheer cocoon you climb into?


Okay, more honestly: I HATE SPIDERS!!!


I'd rather wrassle with a raccon and rattle snake than have a spec of pepper size harmless spider crawl on me. :)


I can imagine the comfort to be superior to laying in a bag on the ground.


In the winter, just a thick sleeping bag in the hammock? Maybe a tarp/rain fly pulled over a rope over the hammock?


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Now these are not your daddys hammocks......I have a warbonnet blackbird. Many have a bug resistant bed liner, my BB has two layers of material. no seeum netting.




In the summer when it is hot and sticky....it is the best sleep I have had.



Far as winter sleeping goes, I will usually tent but you can use a sleeping pad underneath you for extra insulation. Most hammockers don't use sleeping bags but quilts top and bottom. In the summer I just use a sheet or cheap fleece blanket.


The boys in the troop will leave it alone, but I wouldn't take it on a Pack outing.....cubs just won't leave it alone.


I would borrow one and see if you like it they are not for everyone and it does take some getting used to.


some manufactures, hennesey, jungle, Warbonnet, jacks are better.

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