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Ideas for first Den/orientation Meeting

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We signed up 7 new Tiger Cubs during our recently held spring roundup. They all came to our Pack Meeting Saturday where I took the first few minutes and let the Dens do Den "Stuff" and I took the newbies in the back and gave them the "welcome, here's what ya need to know..." speech.


I have not decided on a Den Leader yet, so I told them I would be meeting with them again (probably this coming weekend) as a DEN to let them earn immediate recognition, bobcat, etc.


My question is this: While I am talking to the parents, getting health forms, answering questions, and trying to acclimate a Den Leader...what can I have the boys doing? I am hoping to have my ACM with me that day and let him take the boys outside and do something but I can't think of anything that would be fun.


What do you think? I'd love to tie it in with the handbook, as I told them all to bring handbooks with them...but it's been a LOONNGG time since I was a Tiger parent!



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I would stick with Bobcat stuff, and Electives. You will most likely be getting more Tigers in your Fall Round-up, and you do not want this Spring group to get bored re-doing requirements in the Fall that they have completed now.


Some Tiger Electives that they can do -


17) Make a Model - Make different kinds of paper airplanes, see which fly better, have an airplane race.


32) Make a bird feeder - Check out the Cub Leader How To Book for ideas.


33) Play Cleanup Treasure Hunt - Pick up litter around your meeting place.


35) Play a game outdoors - Relay games are always fun.


Keep it Simple, Make it Fun!

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