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It has been a busy last 3 weekends Cubbing.

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We camped at the Council Camporee the weekend before last.


We spent 2 two nights on the USS Yorktown last weekend.


We (well 6 of our Cubs anyway) took part in a special shooting sports day that our council puts on today.


It not how I would have planned things out but it just how it all came together. I am glad we did it all but I am worn out right now.

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I heare you!

in about a month and a halfs time- in consequetive weekends:


First weekend - Webelos Crossover ceremony.

the next weekend - worked Council camp staff

the next weekend - Pack campout pack graduation ceremony

the next weekend - pack fundraiser dinner

the next weekend - worked on/with an Eagle project

this weekend - Tiger graduation ceremony( for those who didn't attend pack ceremony) (stormy weather)


Upcoming weekend - finally a weekend with nothing to do ..so.....I'll probably be bored! :)



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Right there with you, our schedule has been chaotic to say the least. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. All the work has been building up to our crossover campout next weekend. Then we kick in the summer program, when day camp starts at the beginning of June.

First Weekend-Prep work and planning for Pack Meeting at City Park

Last Weekend- Pack Carnival ( Don't even get me going on the Bounce House, and the PWD track)

This Weekend- Day Camp Training for all the Walking Den Leaders and Station staff. Also trying to wrap up our Spring Fundraising to get all monies collected and turned in by the end of the month.

Next weekend- Spring Campout and Crossover.


I just have to remind myself: An hour per week (per boy LOL!!)


It's been worth all the work, in all these efforts, I've gotten the boys to recruit at least 3 more boys into the pack. Boys that otherwise wouldn't have been involved in Scouting.


By my account, I should get a break by the end of June :)



I haven't even included the Troop schedule, in all this :p(This message has been edited by OwnTheNight)

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You are among friends!


This weekend: Pack Meetings

Last Weekend: Den Meeting(s)

Weekend before that: Pack Campout


Next weekend: Fundraiser

the following: Religious Emblem Program

the following: Cub Graduation

Still working on the schedule... GOTTA GO! :-)

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