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Troop Meeting Agenda

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I've been discussing our Troop Meeting agenda's with the SPL and have tried to encourage him to use the models that are in his training materials (as well as in the SM handbook).


Currently, he is just typing the agenda for the next 3-4 months' activities and passes it out and then reads it to the troop while everyone critiques (including the parents in the back of the room!) the activity or discusses whether they can go.


I've suggested that he include the calander of events on his agenda, but NOT to discuss them at the Troop meeting, and that would enable him to schedule time for the patrols to meet (we have 3 patrols and only 1 has had 1 meeting outside the troop meeting since March and there have been NO patrol outings at all in that time).


My question for those troops that have a strong patrol method built up, could you give examples of the troop meeting agenda so i could encourage him with some more examples of proven work?



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O:00-15 minutes pre-opening activity

(while SM and SPL confer)

0:00 Opening ceremony

0:03 Patrol reports

0:10 break out by New-Regular-Venture patrols Skill presentations

0:30 Skill Game by patrol

0:40 Troop Game

1:00 Patrol meetings

1:20 Announcements and recognitions

1:28 Closing ceremony

1:30 Adjourn

(SM SPL and PLs evaluate)


Bob White





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