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Boy talk recommendations?

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Having a spring roundup in a few weeks. The plan is for the new recruits to make stomp rockets while I go over the details and paperwork with the parents.


I have not done a boy talk before but was thinking of doing one in the school the day before the event. The plan was to bring the stomp rocket launcher into the group and give a short rah-rah, or something...then "If you wanna find out how to launch rockets with this crazy thing come to the roundup tomorrow night."


I guess I'm looking for the "rah rah" part...or any other ideas.


The presentation would likely have to be done during the lunch hour, to a mixed-gender audience.


Thanks for any insight.

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Here is what I did a few years ago that worked very well; though it was all male elementary youth at that time.


I showed up in full uniform with a backpack on and a spirit stick in hand. I removed the pack and mentioned that camping was a part of scouting. Then I explained the spirit stick, how it worked and let everyone yell for a bit using the stick to return to silence.


I then passed out 20 or 30 pictures of cubs having fun at various events. I had written down the subjects found on the pictures and asked "who has the BB gun pictures?", etc. Towards the end of my time I passed out a flyer to all the boys detailing the roundup and made a big deal about folding it up and putting it into their pockets to take home to their parents. After that I passed out tyvek wristbands (like this http://tinyurl.com/4y2h5hc), and had the boys put them on.

The wristbands serve two purposes; a reminder to talk to mom about the roundup and when they get to the roundup the wristbands were cut off, the boys name was written on it and placed into a box to use to select raffle winners. The raffle prizes were extra patches from past camporees and that sort of thing. Everyone got something.


In this way I had a great turn out to the roundup and signed up a bunch of boys!


Good luck,


Joe Henry

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Talk to your principal to get permission before the boy talk.


Talk to your DE. Doing boy talks is one of the things they do, and they usually have a bunch of "goodies" to give away. Even if you would prefer to do the talk yourself, your DE can give you ideas on what to include in your presentation.

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I have permission; I know the principal.


The DE did the talk last fall but we have since lost our DE. It's been really difficult to get anything of substance from the DD. I'm just going to do it, the kids know me anyway from other school events.(This message has been edited by 83eagle)

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